This is the time of vanity and everyone wants to look his best. That is why “healthy foods” full of promises are on seen everywhere from billboards and advertisements, and seem to be more popular than ever. masterminds at the advertising agencies, meticulously play their magic tricks to lure us into trusting that the products they are selling and we are going to buy are actually good for us, but that is far from being the truth. Many of these so-called healthy foods do more harm than good to our health. Here at Sooperchef, we have decided to find out which healthy provisions are not as innocent as we might think.

Granola and Protein Bars

It doesn’t even matter if your preferred granola bar snack has nuts and fruit or is high in fiber or it is some protein bar that claims to have a great serving of protein and other nutrients in it. Almost 99 percent of them commercially prepared bars include a high concentration of sugar and a shockingly low level of nutrients. If you are looking for a really healthy snack, choose apples or almonds (raw ones!) or try making your own granola or snack bar at home. Find the recipe here.

Baked Beans

Beans are a great source of plant-based protein as much as they are high in fiber. But not the same can be said about a can of commercially prepared baked beans as it is merely a muddle up of beans, sugar, sodium, and other additives that won’t help your body in any way. Avoid the pointless calories and harmful additives intake, and boil your beans at home.

Processed, Fat-Free Foods

Some time ago, Saturated fat was publicized as the enemy, and food manufacturing companies rushed to get rid of it from their products. The problem that occurs after fat removal is that food doesn’t taste too good, so the food manufacturers found a simple yet dangerous solution: addition of more sugar. Worthy of mention that saturated fat isn’t even that harmful as much as sugar. So the next time you go to the market to buy food, you know what to do.


It sounds funny when someone says that “Don’t go nuts over nuts”, but it turns out that this saying is actually true. Nuts are only healthy when eaten in moderation, and approximately a handful of nuts will give you all the benefits you need and should make you stop feeling hungry by suppressing food cravings. The more nuts you eat, the more calories you intake and let alone all flavored nuts topped with salt, sugar and even the roasted ones. They need to be raw and if they are not raw then say goodbye to all the health benefits.

Sports Drinks

There are plenty of advertisements to see about some really promising and awesome sports drinks that ensure energy surges and much more. but in reality, A sports drink is nothing more than artificially flavored water, added with sugar and electrolytes (salt), which is somewhat useful for training athletes. average people don’t really need all that extra salt, and only a few could do with the amount of liquid sugar. So until or unless you are planning for an epic and vigorous training session that would drain you of your energy, go for good old H2O.

Fruit Juice

You might be surprised to know that the carton full of fruit juice you all adore is not really juice at all. It is not made of fruit — just the right amount of delicious chemicals that provide the ideal fruit color and taste. Basically, while having commercially packed juice, we’re just consuming nothing but some fruit-flavored water that is full of sugar. Even when you make juice yourself by using 100% fresh and natural ingredients, it is still not that hale and hearty because you have taken out all the good stuff which is known as dietary fiber and the only thing left behind is the sugar. So until or unless you are willing to gain weight, just go for fruit.

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