Most of the people of Pakistan welcome winter with open arms as it is a much more pleasant and bearable weather than the dreadful summer heat. A warm blanket, a cup of coffee and a handful of nuts are some of the joys of winter that we all know about. But winters are not all sunshine and rainbows: they bring many ailments like the common cold, cough, and flu with them too. Sooperchef has listed top five fruits of winter that will not only make your taste buds feel good but will also improve your immunity system and keep these illnesses at bay.

1. Dates

A personal favorite of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him), dates are a complete equal of diet plate which seems to be balanced by a nutritionist himself. It is loaded with fiber, lots of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and bits of fat as well. The high fiber content is a great remedy for stomach and intestinal disorders like diarrhea, constipation and colorectal cancer. This fruit is great for bodybuilders and athletes as it is an instant energy source and beneficial for the heart as well. Dates are proven to be a great remedy for hangovers and for improving brain function.

2. Orange

There is no feeling like sitting in the blissful sun on a winter afternoon and eat oranges merrily, with a sprinkle of rock salt on them. There are hundreds of species of oranges that have been produced by selective breeding and genetic engineering but all of them are packed with Vitamin C: an astonishing 130 percent of your daily requirement. They are loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant tendencies which repel the effects of prostate cancer as well as 60 different kinds of flavonoids. Having a high density of chlorine, oranges are great for brain functions such as memory and learning, improved sleep and muscle development as well as structural benefits for the nervous system.


Ever wondered why Muslims know pomegranates as the fruit from heaven? One, because it has been mentioned in the Quran and the two, because they are one of the best fruits you can get for yourself. Pomegranates are three times higher in antioxidants than green tea and red wine and have medicinal properties that help fend off breast and prostate cancer, arthritis and reduce the risk of arthritis in old age. Moreover, they are rich in potassium, folate, Vitamin K, and C which helps the immune system stay strong for a long time.

4. Persimmon

Also known as the Sharon fruit or more commonly as “Japani phal” in Pakistan, the persimmon fruit looks like a twin brother of the tomato fruit. This fleshy fruit is deliciously sweet and its flesh is moderately high in calories but very low in fat and a very good source of dietary fiber. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and anti-oxidant compounds known as catechins and gallocatechins which are great for tumors and inflammations.

5. Pears

Round at the bottom and narrow towards the stalk, these greenish-yellow fruits are mildly sweet and have a reputation for their high fiber and Vitamin C content. Dense in carbohydrates, pears are good sources of instant energy and are great for people dealing with hypertension, bloating, obesity and diabetes.

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