The discovery that we have diabetes can be a pretty frightening prospect, but the sooner we get ourselves treated, the more manageable our condition becomes. A recent study reveals that early insulin treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes can manage their blood sugar better and help in the gain of lesser weight than those who start treatment later. Before being shocked by a diabetes diagnosis, it is essential to ensure that we know these top 7 diabetes signs by that we shouldn’t be ignoring. Identifying with any of these warning signs on the list make sure to visit your doctor ASAP to get your blood sugar tested.

Constant Fatigue

If you’re finding yourself tired to the extent that you can barely function even after a good night's sleep, it’s definitely worth mentioning to your physician. Diabetes can wreaks havoc our normal blood sugar levels, leading to fatigue in the process. After a while, the tissue death connected with untreated diabetes can also limit blood circulation, which means that the oxygenated blood won’t be effectively transported to our vital organs, which will ultimately make our body work harder and wear us down along the way.

Reoccurring Infections

When dealing with frequent skin infections or UTIs, undiagnosed diabetes should be kept in mind. The high blood sugar related to diabetes can deteriorate our immune system, making us more vulnerable to infection. In more advanced cases of diabetes, tissue death and nerve damage can cause patients with diabetes be more vulnerable to additional infections, often in the skin, and could be a forerunner to amputation.

Unusual Thirst

Finding oneself excessively thirsty could also be a sign of dangerously high blood sugar. Diabetics frequently find themselves awfully thirsty as their system tries to wash out surplus sugar in the blood when their own insulin production just won’t cut it. So the next time you feel unusually thirsty, meet your doctor ASAP.

Frequent Urination

When our kidneys have to pay compensation for the surplus sugar in our blood, we find ourselves rushing to the nearby lavatory all day long. The amalgamation of our kidneys working overtime and unwarranted thirst makes round-the-clock urination a veracity for many folks with unmanaged diabetes.


That nauseous feeling in our stomachs could be a sign of diabetes as both low and high blood sugar can lead to nausea, and this troubled sensation is frequently one of the initial signs diabetics perceive before a diagnosis.

Weight Gain

While some folks with diabetes are forewarned of their situation by unintentional weight loss, weight gain is almost as ordinary. Thyroid disorders and diabetes often go hand-in-hand, making diabetics more vulnerable to unwanted shifts on the scale.


If you are feeling low and you can’t figure the reason out, diabetes could be the hidden culprit behind these phenomena. The brisk dips and surges in blood sugar that are part and package of crude diabetes can be a cause of philosophical shifts in our mood, including more: Top 6 Foods That Put You in a Grumpy Mood


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