An ancient Greek physician - Hippocrates once said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” the logic behind this I there is not only a relationship between what we eat and what our physical health is, but there’s a direct line to our psychological and emotional health too. In a nutshell, the bad-temperedness you feel when you stuff yourself in your gastronomic vices goes way past meager food guilt. It’s important to remember that it’s a two-way street when it comes to food: our food can directly manipulate our brain chemistry, but moods also influence the food choices we make—which is why it is essential to understand what different foods do to us for leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are top six foods listed by sooperchef, which contribute or lead to plummeting moods, anxiety, and troubled sleep.

processed Meat

Cold cuts and packaged meats, hot dogs, nuggets, and sausages can be full of high levels of mood-altering and energy-sucking food preservatives, nitrates, and artificial colorings and additives that can lead to severe bloating, water retention and mood swings as well as headaches. Nutritionists recommend roasting your own chicken breasts and slicing them yourself for a much cheaper and healthier alternative.

Carbonated Drinks and Sodas

Carbonated drinks and sodas are loaded with simple sugars that get absorbed into the bloodstream pretty quickly which can cause rapid rises in energy followed by an energy crash. This affects blood sugar control, mood as well as energy levels. If you think zero calorie diet sodas are healthier than you must reconsider that thought as they are especially harmful, and not just because of the linked-to-cancer aspartame. A great number of studies have proven that people who drink at least two diet sodas a day are more likely to end up with a “soda belly,” which sticks out like a beer belly and looks very unappealing. Curious how much damage you’ve been doing with your soda habit?

Salted Peanuts

Leading dieticians recommend that salted peanuts are an element that needs to be taken out from most diets. Most of the package peanuts we buy, pack a high amount of sodium and frequently a food additive called MSG, which is a synthetic flavoring that leaves you with a feeling of being weak, fatigued, depressed and often moody along with a side order of headaches, which is why nutritionists insist on making our own mix of nuts with raw walnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts.


Margarine is loaded with processed saturated fats, which are poles apart from the fat in healthy options such as nuts and olive oil and fish meat. The intake of margarine can lead to a disproportion in blood sugar, leading to brisk mood swings and weight gain. A better alternative to margarine is peanut butter that is full of protein and healthy fats that help the heart.

French Fries

Unless or until we are buying baked chips, which are rare to find, we’re most likely be loading our body with an unhealthy dose of refined saturated fats, carbs, and high amounts of (sodium) salt in just a handful of those delicious fries we can’t get enough of. All of this is enough to wreak havoc on our mood. These saturated fats, refined carbs, and salt we find in conventional French fries can lead to a peak in energy to have the effect, which makes us feel good and alert for a short time, but ends with a drop, leaving us feeling lethargic, sluggish, irritable, tired, and foggy. It is really unnecessary to even mention the wider waistline that this food can cause.


Most commercially processed cereals are full of processed ingredients and are loaded with refined carbohydrates. Consuming these refined carbohydrates is like giving our blood sugars a roller coaster, leading to severe mood swings, and increased risk of depression. So the next time you wake up, opt for a breakfast filled with protein and complex carbohydrates, like eggs and fruits, which keep our blood sugar steady fuel us better to tackle the chores and labor of the more: Top Five Foods for Folks Over 40


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