According to dieticians, a healthy breakfast is supposed to contain around 400 to 700 calories and nutrients that charge the body with energy to carry out the chores of the day. And there are plenty of foods that are really famous as “healthy breakfasts” and we are used to them, but in reality, most of them are anything but healthy. The writing team of the number one digital food network of Pakistan has listed 10 popular Breakfast Foods that according to dieticians should be taken off the breakfast table this instant.

1. Pancakes

Pancakes and crepes are some of the most widely eaten breakfast foods around the world and they might fill you up, but with toppings like jam and honey, they can give your insulin levels a really high boost. These types of breakfasts contribute to obesity and can influence your mood, making you feel grumpy. Oats, topped with sweet fresh fruit and berries is a healthy substitute for pancakes and crepes.

2. Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals are tasty and crunchy but they are also loaded with sugar while lacking essentials like protein and dietary fiber. This is especially dangerous for people who are more susceptible to developing diabetes and small children. Furthermore, a lot of carbs in the breakfast means you would eat more during lunch and that would lead to weight gain. Cornflakes (without sugar), added with some nuts and flaxseed (for added protein) is a great substitute for breakfast cereals.

3. Toasted White Bread

White bread isn’t good for health, the more we toast it, the more burnt it is, the more carcinogens it contains. Try replacing white bread with whole wheat bread and if you can’t give up toast, start eating it with no burnt crust on it.

4. Chocolate spreads like Nutella

A mere serving of two tablespoons of Nutella contain about 83 percent of the daily sugar intake, recommended for women. This amount of sugar is sure to give you a mood boost in the morning but soon the energy would go away, leaving you feeling tired and lethargic. Furthermore, breakfast spreads are loaded with palm oil that is dangerous for health as it boosts bad cholesterol. A good replacement for chocolate spreads is peanut butter that is void of sugar but rich in healthy fats and protein.

5. Smoothies

Although smoothies are one of the best meals to treat our bodies with, sometimes we load it with too many ingredients. Blended fruits and vegetables lose their original shape and commonly give off an expression that the portion is too small. That is when we make the blunder of decorating the serving with whipped cream, with the idea in our head that we are making it more nutritious. But all we do is oversaturate our drink with sugar. To avoid oversaturation of smoothies, use measuring cups to manage your portion and ingredients.

6. Milk

This one might be hard to believe but dieticians do not encourage consumption of milk in on an empty stomach in the morning as it stimulates stomach’s acid production which can lead to heartburn later in the day. I can also lead to acne if you are prone to that disease. It is recommended that if you want to have milk, have it after you’ve had your morning meal.

7. Sandwiches on “the go”

In the rush hours of the morning when everyone is rushing to get to work on time, it is easy to skip a breakfast meal at home and go for a more affordable, already prepared fast food sandwich. But these commercially prepared sandwiches are loaded with carcinogens and harmful fats, let alone the time and effort our body needs to digest all those excessive calories.

8. Sausages

Sausages might sound like a good protein packed breakfast that can be prepared very easily, but the matter of fact is that they are full of salt, flavor additives, bad fats, and preservatives. All of these agents are bad for our health and can lead to ailments ranging from stomach irritation to more serious issues like increase in the risk of cancer.

9. Low Fat Yogurt

When following a healthy diet, it is essential that you keep your intake of milk fat intact, as it is healthy for the body and contributes to the production of hormones that keep the body slimmer, cheer our mood up and increase stress resistance. This is why products like no-fat yogurt or low-fat yogurt should not be bought. Instead, go for natural yogurt that holds around 3-5 percent fat.

10. White Rice

White rice is a truckload of carbs, which may lead to digestive issues as there is lots of starch in them but no coarse fiber. For a healthy breakfast, adopt brown rice instead of white rice as it digests slower and is much better than white rice when it comes to supplying the body with energy. To have rice for breakfast, it is essential that you soak them the night more: Top Five Benefits of Yogurt You Never Knew About


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