Most of the times, we come across a number preconceived ideas about healthy dieting which can be pretty hard to get rid of, but time and again we deprive ourselves of too much for the reason that these ideas have been planted in our heads for a long time. However, Pakistan’s largest online food portal, sooperchef is here to debunk some of the most popular healthy diet claims that are far from being true.

Myth 1. Eating After 6 Pm Is Bad

This superstitious belief is as old as the hills. With the fast-paced lives of today, having a meal after 6 pm is common sense. Majority of the folks today go to sleep way later than our ancestors used to, and starving the body for that long is dangerous for your health. However it is true that you are not supposed to eat three hours before going to sleep, and the dinner is supposed to be well balanced and light.

Myth 2. Fats Are Harmful

Fats are often listed as a bad thing for health and shape, but it’s not entirely true. The logic behind that is that food can’t be digested without it normally as it helps metabolize vitamins A and E, and if there’s not enough fat, your body is more prone to stopping the production of hormones. Lack of fats also results in your faster skin aging and a damaged liver. That’s why it is advisable to limit the consumption of vegetable oil, for instance, but not completely exclude it from the diet. The best proposal would be to eat less food that encloses concealed and usually unhealthy fats, such as sausages, mayonnaise, cookies, and cakes etc.

Myth 3. Snacks Are Unhealthy

Whosoever told you that snacks are bad for you was wrong; in fact, they are a necessity. If you want to take care of your health then you need to know that you are supposed to top up your energy from time to time. Nevertheless, these restocks should be balanced and not composed of oily and greasy foods like fast foods and take out, try have some nuts or fruit instead.

Myth 4. Organic Food Is Better

You might have come across Products at the supermarket, labeled as “organic’’ (i.e., products with no GMO, pesticides, or additives) but these products are often no different from their common equivalents except for their high prices.

Myth 5. Fruit and Vegetables Are Useless After They Are Refrigerated

It is a popular myth that fruits and vegetable lose their natural nutrients and healthy tendencies after being refrigerated but modern freezing technologies in fridges and refrigerators permit you to maintain just about all of these food products’ healthy constituents.

Myth 6. Brown Bread Is Healthier Than Its White Counterpart

If the bread is brown in color, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it has a lot of fiber in it. The supposedly “healthy’’ brown color of the bread could simply be due to the presence of caramel in the dough. The energy obtained from brown bread is almost identical to obtained from in white bread, and weight gain, in either case, is possible. Although there are healthier kinds of bread available in the market such as whole-grain breads or crispy breads which can ensure weight loss and a high fiber intake.

Myth 7. Juices Are As Beneficial As the Fruit Themselves

Although many fruits are known for their high fiber content, their juice contains almost none, and the quantity of vitamins and minerals is considerably lower in the juice than in the fruit itself. That’s why it is better to consume fresh fruit whenever you can get your hands on it. Furthermore, commercially packed juices are nothing but a load of sugar and artificial flavors.

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