Fast food often becomes an option for just about any meal especially when you're in a hurry or don't feel like cooking. While not every fast food menu item is unhealthy, fast food restaurants have a reputation for offering portion sizes that are not only way larger-than-healthy, but these foods that are also packed with saturated fat, calories and sodium. Sooperchef has listed many health benefits that you’ll be able to see outside and inside your body with the removal or at least limitation of your unhealthy fast foods options intake like burgers, French fries, and pizzas.


Among the most noticeable and obvious effects that giving up fast food will have on your body is a reduction of your body weight. This is a no-brainer that Fast foods are typically high in calories, and when served in portion sizes that are too large to maintain a healthy diet they can feed you a lot more calories than you actually need, without you even noticing it. The reduction of fast food intake and replacing fast food with healthier meals prepared at your own home will decrease your total calorie intake to a great extent and help in creating a calorie deficit which your body desperately needs to lose excessive weight. When fast food removal is paired with regular exercise, even better results can be seen in a very short period of time.

Saturated Fat

A majority of the fast foods are packed with high levels of saturated fat, particularly foods that are breaded and fried in oils containing saturated fat like burgers and fried chicken. Foods with high saturated fat content typically cause an increase in your consumption of LDL (bad cholesterol). Too high levels of LDL in the bloodstream can calcify, or harden, and turn into cholesterol plaque. This Plaque clogs and restricts the flow of blood through the blood vessels. The more your blood vessels are more clogged, the more your blood pressure increases, along with your risks for heart diseases like strokes and heart attacks.


One of the main advantages of cutting back on your fast food diet is that it can significantly decrease your overall sodium (salt) intake. Most of the fast food restaurants nowadays are habitual if overusing salt, which can increase your daily consumption above the recommended limit of less than 1,500 mg per day, pretty quickly. Too much salt intake means you increase the salt content of your blood, salt, in turn, attracts water, which will ultimately increase the volume of your blood. Your blood volume is directly proportional to your blood pressure, which means that blood pressure will increase with it side by side. Over time, this high blood pressure will damage your cardiovascular system, putting you at a higher risk of heart problems. Reducing your sodium intake by cutting out fast food can help reduce these risks to a very large extent.

Blood Sugar

A majority of the fast foods we eat, such as white potatoes and buns made from processed white flour, contain ingredients that are high on the glycemic index. A glycemic index is a tool used to find out how much of an impact a certain type of food or food product will have on the bloodstream. High glycemic foods introduce glucose into the bloodstream way much quicker in comparison to the foods that are low on the index, like whole grains or vegetables. This rapid introduction of glucose into the bloodstream can cause a spike and then a crash in your blood sugar levels. Surplus glucose at once is also hazardous for folks dealing with insulin resistance, such as diabetics and pre-diabetics.Read more: Fatty Foods That Help You Lose Weight Faster

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