It is beginning to feel a lot like winter this November: with the cold wind blowing and foggy atmosphere, it feels like winter is early this year. Although winter is one of the most beloved weathers of the country, yet it is one of the most dreaded ones as it brings clingy ailments like cold, cough, flu and fever. Even the healthiest of souls can feel that telltale itch behind their throats which feels pretty irritating. But on the bright side of things, there are foods that can help you fend off these illnesses and feel great. Sooperchef has found out some of such foods and they are listed below:


We all know that a cup of tea in winters is a delightfully tasty remedy for chest congestions and coughs, but only a few people know that the benefits of tea run much deeper. The antioxidants present in tea, known as the catechins, not only have flu-fighting properties but also help boost overall immunity, improve metabolism and protect the body against heart diseases and cancer.


The best source of protein, beef is also one of the best sources of zinc which plays a key role in the strengthening of the immunity system as it boosts the development of white blood cells, which are the primary defenders of the body against all types of illnesses. Plus, the extra protein intake you receive from chowing down beef helps the body in fighting off infections and in the development of antibodies.


This pungent vegetable does much more than flavoring your food: garlic is a great source of allicin, a potent sulfuric compound which breaks down into antioxidants upon decomposition. Although this superfood is used in many recipes, it packs the best antioxidant punch best when taken raw.


Fatty fishes including salmon, mackerel, and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids help your body fend off harmful inflammation. Chronic inflammation leads to a weakened immune system, which in turn contributes to flu, colds as well as other more serious diseases. Omega-3 helps your body on many other fronts too; it reduces anxiety, dementia and the risk of heart diseases.

Sweet Potatoes

When we are talking about immunity-boosting foods, we generally don’t think of sweet potatoes. But these delicious vegetables are a great source of Vitamin A; vitamin A strengthens our skin and prevents infections from entering it, acting as our first line of defense against ailments. Vitamin A also plays a key role in maintaining the health of our mucosal surfaces and gastrointestinal tract. This food will not only provide you with good health, and will also take care of your winter food cravings.

Chicken Soup

Remember when you were little and your mom used to make you some delicious chicken soup in winters? Well, it seems like moms do know best all the time, as modern studies show this age-old elixir combines many elements that help your body fight cold and ensure a quick recovery. The science behind this is that warm liquid, such as soups when entering the body, raises the temperature of the body and loosens airways and mucus secretions. This is how this warm and tasty soup not only soothes your running nose and sore throat, it also helps you by hydrating your system.
While these pantry staples will act as your first line of defense against colds and other illnesses, it is also essential that you take an overall healthy diet that would keep your engine running and immunity system up to date.

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