Fasting in Ramadan is great for both physical health and spiritual cleansing, but in the long days where the fast lingers on for almost 15 hours and temperatures soaring up to 44 degrees, it’s easy to feel weak and fatigued. Especially if you are a food lover like me or have a fast metabolism, the body using fat and muscle for fuel can really wear you down. However, there is nothing to worry, the largest and number one ranking food network of Pakistan: is here to list the top seven foods that you need to eat at iftar for a quick energy boost and regain all your energy in no time.


Watermelon is a fresh and juicy way to regain energy as it is filled with water, which will help you rehydrate after a long day of water deprivation. Secondly, it is a great source of vitamin B, fructose, and potassium. Eating it on an empty stomach can double the benefits as the lycopene in it is more active and can help the body against the prevention of cancer. Watermelon juice is one of the best ways to get some watermelon in your system.


A simple glass of water and sugar with a slice of lemon might not look like much but lemonade or lemon water is a great way to regain energy after a long day of fasting. Dehydration can have really adverse effects on our metabolism and make us feel lethargic. Lemonade, full of Vitamin C and other essential enzymes and vitamins can provide you with adequate energy in a refreshing way.


Bananas are loaded with glucose and dietary fiber which makes them an excellent source of energy. The glucose and fruit sugar present in bananas is easily digested and converted into energy giving you a feeling of being active and alert. Bananas are also rich in potassium which maintains our blood pressure and heartbeat as well as magnesium which helps in muscle contraction. Try the banana smoothie recipe here.


Yogurt is a snack that is not only easy on the stomach but also filled with nutritional compounds like calcium, magnesium as well as glycogen. The probiotics present in a bowl of yogurt are basically the good bacteria that help facilitate changes in the microflora of the stomach and perk up the body’s immune system. These probiotics also keep the gut healthy by assisting the stomach in better digestion which in turn lets the body absorb the most of what we eat. Better absorption of food means less fatigue and more energy, simple science.

Raw fruits

Do you know why our elders tell us to eat more fruits in iftar rather than all the samosas and pakoras? Because of a simple logic that fruits are the best sources of energy as they are high in fructose: a simple sugar that is readily digested in the body and provide an instant surge of energy. This instant energy is much needed after a fast as the body keeps breaking down muscle and fat to use as a source of energy. Fruits are also filled with water and this water content replenishes the hydration of the body that is deprived of all sorts of liquids and fluids during the day.


Honey is the wonder product and a gift to the human race from the Almighty Himself. This tasty sugar substitute will not only help you regain your lost energy but will also provide you with tons of health benefits like reduction of heart diseases, weight and fat reduction and cleansing of vital organs such as liver by assisting in the removal of harmful toxins.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates, enriched with Vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, potassium, and magnesium. This tasty root can be made into a tasty chaat by tossing it with chaat masala and lemon juice, and all of the aforementioned essentials make you feel active and help you get rid of that lethargic feeling that had been haunting you all day long.Read more: The Do’s And Don’ts of Sehri you need to Follow this Ramadan


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