It is a universal fact that everyone wants to have a foxy flat belly but abdominal fat is one of the hardest things to deal with. Even after vigorous workouts and healthy routines, the mirror seems to show no change in the abdominal area. That is because working out is only half the effort, an essential yet overlooked part of the routine is a healthy fat-free diet. Here at we have listed ten foods that you need to get off your table if you are looking forward to burning belly fat and achieving a flat belly.

1. Forget Fast Food

It is no secret that fast food is loaded with tons of bad fats and excessive calories which not only add inches to your waist but also cause various other health problems like depression, digestive diseases, and cardiovascular issues. No matter how hard it may sound, fast food has to go if you want to get rid of the belly fat and get yourself into shape.

2. Say Goodbye to Mayonnaise

This is a bad news for fans of mayonnaise and mayo-based salads as mayo dressing is composed of 80% percent fat, which has to be taken out if a slimmer waist is under consideration. Although a good option to substitute mayonnaise is vegetable puree or organic tomato paste.

3. Sorry, But No More French Fries

As tasty as this beloved food is, it has to be gone as soon as possible. Potatoes when deep fried, act like a natural sponge and absorb saturated fats. As unbelievable as it might sound, this saturated fat effects brain function and the brain stops thinking clearly, as a result you can consume about thirty potatoes without even noticing.

4. Say No to Ice Cream

Well, this one was pretty obvious, your beloved ice cream is loaded with sugar which ultimately and inevitably turns into an abdominal fat layer so you might wanna think twice before gobbling down a scoop of ice-cream next time you get tempted by the sweet delight.

5. Don’t Fall For the “Sugar-Free” label again

Food items with sugar substitutes such as poly-alcohols are only effective on bodies of people who are dealing with diabetes. So next time you see a sugar-free label on a sweets or cookies jar, don’t be fooled as most of the so-called sugar-free products still throw in fat and add inches to your waist.

6. Avoid Foods that Cause Bloating

Even the skinniest folks among us can see pretty visible changes on their bellies upon consumption of foods that promote intestinal gases or an upset stomach. Greasy and oily fast foods, fizzy drinks and foods high in sodium are some of the major causes of bloating. A good workout and diet that speeds up the digestion process is advised while dealing with bloating and puffiness.

7. Adopt a Low Sodium diet

Foods rich in sodium should be reduced especially if you are dealing with blood pressure issues. High sodium not only causes retention of fluids that cause bloating and puffiness but can also lead to heart risks like cardiac arrests, strokes and high cholesterol.

8. Stop Chewing Gum

If you are looking to cut fat on your belly then don’t buy any chewing gum, the next time you go shopping. Chewing gum has an effect on the brain which signals the stomach to prepare for an incoming meal. Chewing gum also leads to overproduction of stomach acid which leads to hunger and cravings.

9. Say Bye-Bye to Soft Drinks and Sodas

We have often heard that soft drinks are bad for us but it is true that giving up on our favorite soda is anything but easy. But for the sake of the belly that you have always dreamed of, you have to cut down on your carbonated drink intake as they slow down your metabolism and stimulate your body to gain more layers of fat.

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