What is good and what is bad to eat is a debate that has been a hot topic for nutritionists since the beginning of time. And now when science has made clear about much of the foods we need to steer clear of, there are still some things that we don’t know yet. Just like we are supposed to limit our intake of bad foods like junk and fried cuisines, there are some of the foods that need to be avoided altogether. Sooperchef is bringing you is a list of foods that you should never eat.


Often considered as a healthy alternative to butter, margarine is something that is anything but healthy. Loaded with trans fats, it increases the risk of cholesterol and heart diseases. Although its calorie count is pretty identical to butter yet there are many other ingredients in it that prove butter a way better option. Also, we are more inclined to eating margarine more as we think it is “healthy” but that is far from the truth. Sticking to a small dose of butter is great, and usage of heart-healthy olive oil is a recommended alternative.

Diet Foods

When we see a food product whose label says “diet” or “low fat”, we think of it as the healthiest alternative possible. But dietary foods like yogurt, sodas, and cereal bars are added with more sugar, unhealthy fillers and salt to make them taste okay. What makes things worse is that we tend to eat more servings of the product as it doesn’t satisfy our appetite and we think that eating more of it is okay since it is a “healthy diet” food.

Frozen/Microwave Meals

These might sound like a convenient idea for people with hectic routines but there is a lesser known fact that these two-minute or instant microwave dinners are heavily processed and loaded with fats, salts, and preservatives. These types of foods are one of the biggest reasons for cancer in the human population. Instead of these foods, try making foods like minced meat, in a large portion and make servings and freeze them for later. Frozen fruits and veggies are ok only if you are sure that they are not added with sauces or salt.

Artificial Sweeteners

In small doses like teaspoons, sugar is ok to use, but things tend to get dicey when your food or beverage is loaded with lots of artificial sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners are way more saccharine (sweeter and sugary) than sugar and reset our taste buds functionality and we crave more sugary and junk foods. Limiting the usage of artificial sweeteners will provide your body with better energy levels and take care of all the unnecessary cravings.

Soy Protein Isolate

All soy isn’t bad for you, but a genetically modified form of soy that is often found in soy-based products, known as the soy protein isolate, resembles estrogen and is very bad for human health. Its uses show an increase of risk of infertilities and cancers in women. Meat and eggs should be considered the best sources of protein and if you want to go for a vegan route, then consider going for some black beans and nuts and seeds.

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