Ever wonder about the guys who looked super fit during their university days but started looking like aged people and gained weight as soon as they got a desk job? Is it happening to you too? There could be a number of reasons behind you gaining weight at your job. Prolonged sitting at desks for many hours has a number of bad physiological effects on your body. Sooperchef weighed in on why you’re gaining weight at work and what steps are needed to be taken to stop this from happening.

You Don’t Eat Mindfully

Ok, imagine that you have planned an eating routine for the whole day which includes a healthy lunch at the cafe. But by the lunchtime comes, you realize that you are being tortured by hunger; it has been long hectic day and is it virtually impossible to say "no" to the idea of ordering a big cheesy pizza. After gulping down 3 slices of pizza you feel the regret and promise yourself that tomorrow you’ll stick to the hale and hearty eating routine. I bet this sounds pretty familiar right? Resolution: list everything you are going to eat for the week, this technique helps you track your food intake and pinpoints the times when you disrupt your ration plan and be tactical about it. You can also bring healthy snacks to work like nuts, fruits and vegetables to avoid overeating and suppress untimely cravings.

Eating Just For The Sake of Company

A co-worker's birthday, some homemade Cooking Recipe that your friend from office had tried for the first time, ordering takeout for lunch are the main reasons you are gaining pounds at work. You might not even realize how a small slice of pizza or some cake on your plate can turn into extra inches on your waist, let alone the bloating and water retention. Resolution: When some delicious pieces of food are put on display, people are more prone to say no to it and overeat. You need to train your mind that it does not fall prey to the temptation when it sees some drool-worthy snack and also learn to say "no" courteously when coworkers offer you a bite from his snack.

Room Temperature and Lighting Affect your Desire for Food

Researchers have found out that rooms that are dimly lit cause an increase in the appetite. The light of the room has effects on your appetite as it signals the body to eat more when it’s dark and less when the room is lit brightly. The same law applies to the temperature of the sitting space of your workstation. Resolution: you have no idea what kind of wonders going outside for some fresh air and having a quick walk on a sunny day would do for the body and spirit. To avoid feeling cold in your office, bring your favorite cozy sweater and also discuss lighting levels and room temperature with the administration of your office to ensure that the rooms are well lit and the room temperature is body friendly.

The Stress and Pressure of Deadlines

A steady level of nervous tension at work can be one of the major contributors to weight gain and obesity. High levels of stress amplify levels a hormone named cortisol which triggers fat and sugar cravings, making you eat untimely, ultimately resulting in weight gain. Resolution: a good physical workout and a good sleep at night would prove to be helpful in this case. And it should be remembered that food is not always a friend and it is not going to solve all your problems. There are many other ways to decrease the stress levels in your brain and body like breathing and relaxation exercises.

Working after Work Hours

Working vigorously for long periods of time also impacts the weight of a human being. Being deficient in free time means you are more prone to skipping any kind of physical exercise. Lack of sleep also contributes to weight gat as it misbalances those hormones that normalize your desire for food, boosting the one that causes hunger. Resolution: pick yourself up and Get moving! Even when you don’t have time to workout at the gym, try using simpler means of exercising which include quitting the elevator and taking stairs more often and taking long walks instead of bus and cab rides. And don’t forget about the sleeping well part: physical activity and games will help you get some great shut-eye.

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