Nothing defines winter as a tasty cup of java does! Coffee is indeed an appetizingly complex drink and has been subjected to various studies and experiments throughout the course of time. Many people know coffee as one of the healthiest drinks on the planet while others say that it can cause some serious diseases in the future. Sooperchef has listed some of the benefits and pitfalls of coffee that will help you understand your cup of Joe better!

Medical Benefits and Detriments

Coffee is a great source of caffeine which reduces the risk of certain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes and gallstones. Moreover, it has been proven great for patients with asthma, cirrhosis of liver, strokes and cardiac rhythm disorders. Caffeine is also believed to reduce the risk of esophageal and oral cavity cancer. However, caffeine also has adverse effects on human health including sleep disorders, auditory hallucinations, increased blood pressure, and heartburn. Excess of caffeine can also cause dehydration and depletion of Vitamins B, C as well as calcium and Zinc. Coffee can also give to teeth stains that are hard to remove.

Usage of Roasted Coffee Beans

Most fitness trainers recommend a cup of roasted coffee before a workout as it provides boosts to the body for intensive workouts and relieves muscle stress. Roasted coffee beans also increase the effectiveness of painkillers. On the other hand, high temperatures needed for roasting coffee beans can lead to the formation of carcinogens like aromatic hydrocarbons, tars, and pyrimidine.

Coffee Plants

Coffee plants are good for fertilization of gardens as they promote nitrogen-rich soils but then again, coffee plants are one of most heavily pesticide-sprayed the crops on the planet.

Coffee Consumption for Men and Women

Women who indulge in heavy coffee consumption have 20% less risk of developing breast cancer. Women who consume at least five servings of java a day reduce the risk of developing cancer by 57% as compared to those who drink less than two cups a day. Men, on the other hand, who drink 6 cups of coffee every day, can reduce the risk of developing the most dangerous form of prostate cancer by 60 percent.

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