Olive oil is loaded with a lot of health i.e. load of antioxidants, macronutrients like omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, and other essential vitamins and minerals which make it a very precious product for human health. Sooperchef listed some of the most influential and fascinating reasons to slurp olive oil. Just take one tablespoon on an empty stomach and watch the wonders it does to your body.

It Protects the Brain

The human brain is the most complicated vital organ of the human body and needs a lot of oxygen (nearly 20% of all intake) to function properly. Our brain is the part that suffers from free radicals the most too. Olive oil contains lots of antioxidants that ensure protection from these free radicals and helps the body in providing an adequate amount of oxygen to it. This magical oil also boosts memory and decreases the risk of depression and other neurological ailments like Alzheimer’s and mental decline.

Helps Control Blood Sugar

Olive oil is great for patients with type-1 diabetes as it significantly lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels in the body. This also means that olive oil is very helpful for our cardiovascular system too.

Reduces Inflammations

Olive oil works like ibuprofen when it comes to the reduction of inflammations in the body. A Recent research has shown that a mere serving of 3.4 tablespoons of olive oil acts as efficiently as 10% of an ibuprofen dosage. But then again it is a more natural treatment which the body accepts more easily without facing any kind of side effects.

Controls Bad Cholesterol

There are 2 types of cholesterol: LDL (the bad type) and HDL (the good type). HDL has an inclination of extricating LDL. We can amplify the level of HDL in our body by indulging in a diet which contains grains, vegetables, fruits, and olive oil.

Helps Reinforce the Immune System

The fatty acids (omega-3 and omega 6) present in the olive oil play great roles in different immune functions of the human body. Amongst them, some of the key functions are the regulation and prop up of the immune system and even the treatment of autoimmune illnesses.

Cleanses the Liver

Just like the brain and the heart, the liver performs one of the most important functions for our body: it cleanses all of our internal systems. But sometimes the liver itself is in need of some detox, and this can be done with olive oil! To get the superlative results, mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of 1/3 lemon in a glass, and then pour it down the hatch.

Helps You Lose Weight

As mentioned before, that olive oil is packed with a huge amount of fatty acids and mono-saturated fats, which are a healthier category of fat that can give you a feeling of fullness and will suppress untimely cravings and help you keep your hand out of the cookie jar. In this way, olive oil can prove to be one of the best replacements for butter.

Improves Skin, Hair and Nail Quality

Olive oil is great for the skin, nails. Its many benefits include softening, repair, nourishment, miniaturization, and promotion of nail and hair growth. It can be used like a hair or skin mask, but for the best results, olive oil should be taken internally orally.

Protects the Colon

Olive oil is also great for the protection of cells from damage that leads to cancer. Olive oil also has the tendency to improve the patency of the colon and relief the body of constipation.

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