Strong, shiny and long hair is almost everyone’s dream nowadays but with increasing pollution and diseases, not everyone is able to fulfill it. Of course, it’s important to keep the scalp healthy, but it also is significant to pay attention to our diet. You can be having dry, frizzy, smooth or silky hair and all these could be signs of your inside health. Each strand of our hair is made up of cells that are made up of a tough protein called keratin and they need constant nourishment with minerals and vitamins make them long and strong. So the writing team of Sooperchef has listed the nutrients and foods that can you eat to make your hair faster. So don’t fear hair loss and chomp your way to fuller, stronger hair.


Iron is one of the essential minerals required for the growth of our hair cells. In actual fact, an insufficiency of iron in the body could be a cause hair loss. Oxygen and nutrients have a hard time getting transported to the hair roots and follicles adequately when our body is running low on iron, which in turn can slow down growth and make your strands weak. Have plenty of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and mustard for a proper dose of iron.


Omega-3 fatty acids nurture the hair and sustain thickening. But Since our body is not able to produce these healthy fats on its own, we need to derive them from our diet. Foods like fish meat (salmon, trout etc) are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Similarly, nuts and seeds like almonds and walnuts are a good mid-meal healthy snack and will supply the essential fats to your hair.


As stated before, our hair is made up of protein, consequently, it is significant to make sure that we have plenty of protein in our diet. Protein is the building block of hair and foods like meat, eggs, yogurt, and milk are one of the richest natural sources of protein.


Whole grains are packed biotin along with iron, zinc and B vitamins. Biotin is necessary for cell proliferation and plays a significant role in the production of amino acids (protein) which are required hair growth.

Vitamin C

All citrus fruits like limes, tangerines, and oranges are full of vitamin C. Our body needs Vitamin C for iron absorption and for that reason; it is necessary to add citrus fruits to our diet. According to Nutritionists, one lime or orange a day is enough to get the daily dose of Vitamin C. gulping down a chilled glass of lemonade in summer(with honey or a healthy alternative to refined sugar) or a glass of orange juice in winters would be enough to sort it all out. Vitamin C is also necessary for the generation of collagen that makes capillaries that connect to the hair shafts strong thus, guaranteeing a regular supply of nutrients and rapid hair growth.

Vitamin A

Drinking carrot juice every day can prove great for rapid hair growth as it is full of vitamin A. The hair contains one of the fastest growing tissues in the body and vitamin A is needed for the growth of each cell. It also helps the scalp in the production of natural sebum oil which keeps it and the roots healthy to improve hair growth.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E perks up the circulation of blood and helps the follicles perform more proficiently to endorse hair growth. It also sustains the oil and PH levels balance which can clog the hair follicles and stop hair growth, if exceeds from a certain level. Almonds, spinach and olive oil are great sources of Vitamin E and also rich in the heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. You can add olive oil to your breakfast salad.

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