Do you belong to the category of folks who have already tried and tested all the existing diets including keto, no-carb, fat-free, and low-protein ones? You may have realized that something is wrong with all your techniques when you seem to have followed all kinds of diet plans like with no solid food or counting the calories of every serving and yet somehow all of your attempts to lose weight have been unsuccessful. In this article, by the writing team of Pakistan’s largest digital online food network, sooperchef, we will be explaining some unapparent reasons and causes behind your weight loss plateau. Here the most common mistakes made by us when we want to lose fat.

You Don’t Pay Attention to Portion Size

It is a common myth and many of us have an idea that if we are eating a diet composed of only salads, steamed fish, and fresh fruits, we shouldn’t be worrying about gaining weight at all but, unfortunately, that is far from being true. For instance, one tablespoon of olive oil includes around 150 kilocalories, about the same quantity of calories in half of a large avocado. When other “healthy” veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkin seeds are added to it to make a salad, this light assortment that started off as a vegetable snack ends up into being a real dinner of almost 500 kilocalories. Studies reinforce this logic that eating too much, regardless of whether you are eating doughnuts or raw vegetables, is dangerous for your health and will also affect your waistline. So in order to stay fit, you need to pay attention to your portion size rather than just the ingredients of your meal.

You Don’t Use Your Fork and Knife While Eating

The human brain is a pretty complex piece of machinery and it requires an at least of about 20 minutes to realize that we’ve eaten something and to approximate how full our stomach in reality is. However, we often manage to gulp down so much food down our throats during these 20 minutes that, consequently, our brain starts launching signals about overeating. To avoid this, you need to take a spoon and knife and cut every meal you eat into small portions. This will have many advantageous effects like slowing down the process of eating and boosting our process of digestion. Secondly, it will help your brain signal you that you’ve eaten more than you actually have and prevent you from overindulging in your food.

You Eat Carbs and Protein Separately

There are many ridiculous food myths around the world and one of them says that proteins and carbs separately should be eaten separately, otherwise we would need to worry about food rotting in our stomachs. On the other hand, the simple laws of human anatomy totally reduce this theory to rubble. The levels of gastric acid in our stomach ensure the impossibility of the process of food rotting, and the duodenum present between our stomach and the small intestine is perfectly capable of digesting proteins, carbs, and fats at the same time. Furthermore, different enzymes are needed to digest carbs and proteins. So cutting the long story short, you need to forget about separating the food you eat. When we eat carbohydrates and proteins separately, our digestive system doesn’t work appropriately, and we’ll only get stomach predicaments instead of observing constructive weight loss effects.

You Drink Too Many Juices

There is no doubt that fruit smoothies and fresh juices are positively practical for your body but in the case when your diet consists only of them, they are not much of a help. When following a diet which is mainly consistent with juices and smoothies, our body tends to lose water and muscle mass instead of fat. Ultimately, we quickly gain back the weight that we had lost. So, instead of juices, it better to choose whole vegetables and fruit as with them, our body will get all the necessary vitamins and dietary fiber, which is important for smooth digestion and many other proper functions in the system.

You Count Your Calories but Not the Nutrients

The calorie content of foods is calculated by burning a sample of the food product in a device known as the hermetic chamber. This quantity of calories can usually be found written on the nutrition facts label of the product. Nevertheless, it is impossible to determine that how many calories will actually be digested by the body itself. In addition, it’s impossible to count the precise amount of calories burnt during the course of the usual day. This is why keeping a count of your calories won’t help you lose as much weight as you think it will. Instead, what you actually need to do is when choosing a product, you need to pay attention to how healthy it is and how many nutrients like vitamins and minerals it contains rather than how many calories it consists of. Bear in mind that a handful of almonds and a chocolate bar both contain 300 kilocalories but the former one is much healthier.

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