What we pour down our hatch radically impacts the health of our body, system and more importantly, our heart. Research suggests the certain types of foods are helpful in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, decreasing inflammation and battling plaque buildup. Yet about one in every four deaths is due to heart failure or some other cardiac illness, making it the top cause of death for both men and women in the world. Foods like whole grains, fatty fish meat like salmon, beans, nuts, fruits, and vegetables are all indeed staples for a healthy pumper, But what about a food we think is “heart healthy” but isn’t really healthy at all? Pakistan’s number one online food network, sooperchef has listed the top five foods that only pretend to be heart healthy so next time you go shopping, you won’t be fooled by these 5 not-so-heart-healthy foods and will focus on the better options instead.

Salads Prepared With Mayonnaise

The word “salad” certainly gives a healthy vibe and sounds like a nutritionally noble option, the reality is not ever salad is as healthy as you think it is. Salads like chicken salads, Russian salads, and seafood salads are often loaded with fat and calories because of their high mayonnaise content. It’s not surprising to find salad prepared with loads of mayo to have around 30 or more grams of fat. Furthermore, the low-fat and nonfat salad dressings, as they claim to be, are often packed with high-fructose corn syrup, which is more than capable of wreaking havoc on your heart. Prepared salads can also be awfully high in sodium, sometimes loading in a day’s worth of sodium in one serving of the salad so it is better to keep your hand away from such salads.

No-Fat Yogurt

Fat is nothing to be afraid of. Similarly, the “Nonfat” label doesn’t necessarily guarantee a food having lesser calories or better nutrition, and in most cases, it means the exact opposite. Food manufacturers, when removing fat from a dairy product like yogurt, they need to substitute it with something -- and most of the time its sugar. All that added sugar hitting the bloodstream like a sweet tsunami would have an effect that would stir up the insulin and blood glucose levels, which sooner or later will augment the risk for Type 2 diabetes -- a key risk aspect for heart illness. Furthermore, Regardless of the fat content your yogurt, it is essential to limit those with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The best way to sweeten your bowl of yogurt is to add fresh fruit or nuts to it for a truly heart-healthy alternative.

Low-Fat Peanut Butter

Very much like no-fat yogurt, peanut butter with decreased fat levels is not necessarily a healthier alternative than regular peanut butter, for the heart in particular. Ever since regular peanut butter is naturally laden with healthy, monounsaturated fats, it is useful in diminishing of the bad (LDL) cholesterol levels of the body, which helps trim down the risk of heartsickness. While for the preparation of the variety with reduced-fat, these heart-healthy fats are reduced by 25 percent and swapped with added sugar, which we already know, is not a good thing for the heart, at all. Although calorie content of both varieties is almost identical. According to a study, it was proven that people who got 17 to 21 percent of calories from added sugar had a 38 percent higher risk of death from cardiovascular illnesses in comparison to the folks who consumed only an 8 percent of their calories from added sugar.


It was once assumed that margarine prepared with partially hydrogenated oils (or Trans-fats) is here to save us from the scourge of saturated fat in butter. In its place, it now is confirmed that trans-fats are a major factor, contributing to issues like rigid, congealed, plaque-clogged arteries by raising bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and lowering the good (HDL) ones. So before buying margarine, it should be made sure that it contains no more than two grams of saturated fat and no trans fat. The ingredients on the nutrition facts label should be checked at all times as margarine advertised as “0 grams trans fat” may contain up to 0.5 grams. A much better option is to toast or sandwich the bread with creamy avocados or a sprinkle of olive oil.

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