Ocassionally, there are couple of places that gets unhygienic and real messy around your kitchen. Either its grease, food splashes, dirty dishes and piles of it, your kithcen get messed up again and again on an immediate basis. So, if you are tired and fed up to maintain your kitchen, here are 7 cool tips! They will not just help you to get your kitchen smooth and clean, but will also help to maintain clean kitchen regularly.

1. Towel Racks

Towel racks aren't just meant to use for the bathroom as a cleaner. Purchase a towel rack and place it on kitchen counter to keep all of your dishes neat, clean and well organized. It also helps to avoid litter or clutter over the counter for water. Place your towels in such a presentation that it looks new, It will provide a luke fresh look to the towels and make them appealing as newly used.

2. Replace out your Sponges

Sponges are no doubt helpful but they carry so much bacteria in it as well. In a struggle to avoid the spread of bacteria around your kitchen surfaces, change the sponges on a regular basis.

3. Keep your Microwave Bright & Sparkling

One main item that tends to get greasy, stinky and gross easily is your microwave. Use these tricks. Soak and wet a paper towel with water and lemon with essential oils and pop it in the microwave for almost three to five minutes. As the time is over, use the dry towels to wipe down the oven. A fresh and vibrant smell will be there and the hot boiling water will loosen up the grime and grease, making it comfortable to wipe the oven.

4. Purchase a Diffuser

The smell of lunch, dinner or breakfast are great, but not after when you are done with washing dishes and the cooking is over. When the kitchen is clean and tidy after the dinner, the best way to get your kitchen smell vibrant and appealing is to start using a diffuser. Put some drops of your favorite essential oil in the machine and let it clean your kitchen air while you manage to wash up the dishes.

5. Sparkle your Coffee Pot

If you are a coffee lover, the glass coffee pot will be stained. To make it look alike fresh, fill the coffee pot with crushed ice, table salt, and squeezed lemon juice. Rinse and swirl it around to get the glamorous clean coffee pot.

6. Keep the Sink Tidy & Shiny

After you are done with dish cleaning, get your sink look sparkling clean by adding some baking soda into the sink and wipe the sink away throughly. It will not only help in disinfecting the sink, but will also make the metal shine like a new one.

7. Use of Wooden Skewers

Use a wooden skewer to get the every inch of crevices for every part of of your kitchen clean. Wipe and clean out the grime left in your kitchen appliances and by the usage of this little handy trick, you can also get the food out of the stoves as well.

So, are you going to use any of these helpful tips to keep your kitchen clean and tidy? Share your views with your valuable comments below.

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