The monsoon season is here and so are we indulged towards a hot cup of chai and samosa at some point of time in the day. Why not? Monsoons give us a break from the scorching summer heat and dripping sweat as we are dehydrated easily throughout the day.But did you know that there are some delectable dishes that must seriously be avoided to maintain your health for the rest of the season. While the rainy season cheers your mood, it also brings occasional flu and couple of infections.Here is the list of food items that must be avoided when you plan for a lunch or a dinner outside during the rainy season. 

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Fried Foods

 fried foodsYes! You read that right. The extreme humid monsoon weather may cause the digestive system to slow down and not function properly. Meanwhile, the urge to eat oily fried pakodas, kachori and samosas can cause gastronomical issues and really make your stomach upset. So, it’s better to think twice before taking the risk to eat such type of food items from street vendors. Moreover, extra salty food also causes water retention in our body.

Sea Food

 seafood Seafood items such as fishes, prawns etc. usually breed at this time of the year. Therefore, sea food items must be avoided during monsoon. It’s better to stick to chicken, mutton or beef if you can’t live without eating meat and non veg food. Although, sea food is highly nutritious throughout the year as it has ample of benefits. It’s better to make sure that you are consuming the freshest variety of fishes and prawns during the season and the food is cooked with extra care and hygiene.

Fresh Juices, Fruits, Chaat and other Eateries from Roadside Vendors

 street juices and fruitsAs the temperature and climate is mostly humid during this time of the year, so, fresh juices, sliced fruits, chaat, dahi ballay and paani puri must be avoided as it has a long exposure to the humid and moist air. Road side vendors usually don’t have a proper hygienic system for these type of food items and such food items easily come in contact with prolonged contaminated and humid air. It’s better to stick to the fresh juices that are prepared at your home and the best thing is to consume them right after the preparation.

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Leafy Vegetables

 leafy vegetablesIt may sound weird because all of our lives we have been taught how important and nutrient it is to eat leafy green vegetables. But, the fact is that during this season the damp and moisture present inside them makes these type of vegetables highly adaptable to bacteria and other germs. So, it’s a complete NO NO season for vegetables like cabbage, spinach, cauliflower etc. It’s better to go for vegetables like lady finger, tori, tinda etc. Make it sure that the vegetables you are about to cook are properly washed to remove dust particles from it.

Fizzy & Carbonated Drinks

fizzy drinksFizzy and carbonated drinks tend to reduce minerals present in our body that ultimately reduces our enzyme activity. As the digestive system is usually weak during this season, it’s better to keep a bottle of fresh water or lemonade with you that must be consumed throughout the day. You can also have a cup of ginger or green tea so that your digestive system remains in order to work properly.

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To stand out and make the most during this season, you need to follow these quick tips:
  • Keep your diet plan light and simple. One must stick to home cooked food instead of eating outside as it normally disturbs your digestive system in this season.
  • Exercise on a regular basis will also help you stay active as it will sweat out that extra moisture from your body.
  • Personal hygiene must be maintained properly in this time of the year. Taking a shower regularly will keep you healthy as it will fight against the moisture and bacteria that is in intact to your body.
Drink water on a regular basis to stay hydrated throughout the day. You won’t feel thirsty during this season, but avoiding to drink water will make you lazy and lethargic and this will definitely affect your work routine.

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