If you are Pakistani, whether you are a Punjabi, Baluchi, Sindhi or Pathan, there is no way that you haven’t had a biryani before. This delectable and aromatic plate of deliciousness needs no introduction, as from roadside dhabas to five-star restaurants; all serve different variants of biryani, not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. According to historians, rice recipes was first brought to the Indian subcontinent by the royal chefs of the Mughal era during the reign of the Mughal dynasty. From there is flourished in some of the most popular places with Muslim populations like Lucknow, old Delhi, and Hyderabad before going worldwide. Here at sooperchef, we are listing the top ten best biryani recipes variants of today.

Vegetable Biryani

 This is one of the lesser known versions of the biryani, and it is purely for the folks who love to go vegan. It is believed that the vegetable biryani was originally prepared with rice and vegetables like potatoes and peas for the Hindu servants of the Mughal emperors as a vegan alternative.

Chicken Dum Biryani

 dum biryani recipe The delectable chicken dum biryani is another lesser known version of biryani as compared to the original and traditional versions, but it is not less tasty or less delightful in any way. It is prepared by simmering the rice which is known as “dum” in Urdu and Hindi language, thus the name.

Chicken Bbq Biryani


chicken bbq biryani

  There have been many new and innovative amalgamations with the traditional biryani recipe and the chicken bbq biryani is one of such ground-breaking combinations of bbq and biryani for the folks who can’t have enough of both or for the foodies who want to have both at the same time!

Kabab Biryani

 Just like the bbq biryani, the kabab biryani recipe is one of the latest versions of the biryani recipe. This tasty biryani is made with the use of skewered kebabs in rice instead of chicken chunks which are normally used for the same purpose.

Beef Biryani

 Beef biryani masala recipe  The beef biryani is one of the most widely eaten biryani variants in all of Pakistan, however, in India, mutton biryani is preferred as cows are considered sacred in India and people are not allowed to sacrifice them. The first rice based recipes in the Indian subcontinent are also believed to be a combination of buffalo/cattle meat and rice, so this primitive biryani is still as tasty as it was in the first place.

Qeema Biryani

 beef qeema biryani recipe The qeema biryani recipe is something that you need to try at all costs! This delicious biryani recipe is loaded with nutrition and eaten with great delight all over the country. The main difference between qeema biryani and normal biryani is that the qeema biryani uses the minced meat for cooking with rice instead of meat that is cut into chunks.

Sindhi Biryani

 Straight from the province of Sindh, the Sindhi biryani is somewhat a work of art. Most people recognize Sindhi biryani as the “biryani with alus” but that is not the fact: Sindhi biryani is also made with some special type of meat that is not eaten elsewhere with rice in Pakistan, yes, seafood. Sindhi biryani recipes include the incorporations of fish meat from species like palla and malli and even prawns and shrimps can be added to it.

Murgh Biryani

 The Murgh biryani is the most common type of biryani, eaten all over the subcontinent: from school canteens to funerals, this biryani is cooked and served on a huge scale as it is effortless to prepare and economical too. However, the variant known as the special Murgh biryani is a delicacy and needs much skill to master and prepare.

Kofta Biryani

 kofta biryani Kofta is the desi step-brother of the American meatball, and whosoever added the kofta to the plate of biryani, did a splendid job! Regardless of being new to the culinary market, the kofta biryani has gained quite a reputation all over the Indian subcontinent and cemented its name in the list of most eaten Biryanis.

Bombay Biryani

 Arguably the most famous biryani variant on our list is the delicious and delectable Bombay biryani. Apart from the name that suggests that it was first prepared in Bombay, historians believe that it originates from Lucknow, which is considered the birthplace of many of the popular and tasty dishes eaten in the Indian subcontinent right now. This specific variant of biryani has gained much popularity overseas in locations like the USA and Europe.

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