Mothers are the greatest blessings of God and they are no less than an angle for us before the day we are born until the day we take our last breath. They stay up so we can sleep soundly, they cook and do all sorts of labor but never stop loving us. This is why has come up with a great idea to make this year’s mother’s day a truly special for our beloved mothers. Surely flowers and chocolates can express love but they say a true gift is what we prepare with our hands. Here are the top ten Mothers Day recipes that you can prepare for mom on this Mother’s Day 2018 using your very own kitchen and express your love and gratitude towards your old lady.

Chicken chili dry

 If your mother is a fan of Chinese cuisines then you have to look no further and prepare this delectable and tasty chicken chili dry recipe with a bowl of steaming hot boiled rice and that would be enough to make her day. Within 35 minutes and with the use of healthy ingredients like soy sauce, bell peppers, and chicken, you can prepare the best gift for your mama on her day. Get the recipe here.

Garlic Naan

 If your mother is old school or not, she is going to absolutely fall in love with this delectable and flavorsome garlic naan recipe by This tasty flatbread of Middle Eastern origin is already greatly tasty when it is plain, becomes even tastier with the garlic twist and can be served with all kinds of curries and recipes.

Strawberry and banana smoothie

 There is no doubt that the summer heat is almost unbearable now, and think of all the times in this scorching summer heat our mother goes to the kitchen just to make us something to eat. It is time to return the favor with a cold and refreshing glass of strawberry and banana smoothie. The sweet taste of strawberry and all the good nutrients from banana and strawberry combined will help replenish the energy levels and bring a smile to her face.

Strawberry two ways recipe

 Speaking of strawberries, sooperchef has provided you with multiple, not one idea to put those healthy and hearty berries to good use. The strawberry two ways recipe is something that combines the tart of strawberry with the sweetness of chocolate and presents an amalgamation of truly delectable proportions. Secondly, the cream-filled/loaded strawberry is also a great way to express your affection to the person who brought you to this world.

Chocolate custard tart recipe

 Women love chocolate, and one of the most chocolaty desserts out there is known as the chocolate custard tart recipe and its smooth and velvety texture will convey the message of your love directly to your mom’s heart. Easily preparable in less than half an hour, the chocolate tart is something not to be missed this mother’s day.

No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake

 When chocolate is of concern, the no-bake chocolate biscuit cake is something you need to get our eyes and hands on. This is a great recipe for folks who are not a fan of baking or simply not in the mood to have something baked. The crunchy outside and velvety inside of the no-bake chocolate biscuit cake will surely be worth the shot.

Mint margarita recipe

 With temperatures soaring sky high, there is surely room for more drinks and that is why we are including the mint margarita recipe on our mother’s day list. Preparable with ingredients like soda water, mint, lemon juice and ice, the mint margarita recipe is what you need when you want to prepare in a hurry or on a budget too. This refreshing drink is sure to get the environment cool and refreshing with a delectable serving prepared in a mere time of 15 minutes.


 Be it a social party or any wedding, nothing is complete without a plateful of steamy hot and aromatic rice that we call biryani. be it beef, chicken or mutton, any kind of biryani that you prepare on mother’s day for your loved mom is surely going to tell her the effort you put in it and would be a sign of great love and affection.

Arabian Mandi

 If you really want to go for something exotic and tasty for your mum this year then go for the Arabian Mandi recipe. Although a bit tricky to master, the Arabian Mandi recipe would prove to be something out of this world with its beguiling taste, dreamy aroma and dewy texture. Get the recipe here.

Rainbow cake

 We have decided to end our list with the colorful and delicious rainbow cake recipe as the icing on the cake, (no pun intended). This delicious and delightfully colored cake has the seven colors of the rainbow that will express the different feelings you have for your mom and how much you love her. Try it here by yourself.


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