In places like the United States, there is barely a distance of 100 miles from one McDonald's to another. But regardless of how strange it might sound, there are some countries which don't even have a single one. Here at Sooperchef, we have listed 7 different countries that have their reasons (everything from economic collapse to political strife) of not having an eatery with golden arches on it.


In recent times, relations between Iran and the US have been really tense, and Western franchises like McDonald's have been collateral damage. There hasn't been a MacDonald’s in the Middle Eastern country since 1979. on the other hand, as diplomatic relations between Iran and Western nations have seemed to be improving in the past few years, citizens have begun speculating whether the food chain could make a comeback. To further complicate the matters, Iran has set up its own McDonald's alternate, Mash Donald's!


By the year 1995, there was only a single McDonald's eatery on this Caribbean isle, right now there are none. Bermuda has a law which bans foreign fast-food joints, and this law has been in action since the 1970s. McDonald's, nevertheless, managed to hit upon a loophole in 1985 by constructing a Mickey D's on a U.S. Naval Air Station. But in 1995 the naval base closed and the McDonald's was closed with it.


On one hand, Yemen’s economy seems to be a bit too shaky, so McDonald's doesn't consider that opening restaurants there would be "economically practicable." On the other, terrorists in Yemen have given threats that a militant action would be taken against any McDonald's that has the guts to show its arches in the country.


Macedonia, a small European nation which is located in the Balkans, used to encompass a few McDonald's eateries; seven, to be precise. Several of them were situated in the nation's capital, Skopje. By 2013, Macedonian McDonald’s chairperson lost his license, causing all seven stores to close down permanently. Rumors have it that the Macedonian franchisee and the European CEO of McDonald have had an argument.

North Korea

There is no surprise that this totalitarian establishment is pretty disinclined to American businesses, and McDonald's is no exception. Although, according to a website, some of the elite members of the North Korean government have smuggled some goodies from McDonald's into the country from South Korea for their own personal utilization.


In 2000, McDonald's was about to make an attempt to introduce itself to this African nation but that was the exact time when Zimbabwe suffered a massive economic collapse. (Bad timing on McDonald's part.) The McDonald's folks quickly backpedaled, and Zimbabwe never saw Mickey-D coming back. There have been talks that it may make another attempt again in the near future, but McDonald's International Franchising declares that there's no concrete plan.


Just like Zimbabwe, Iceland experienced a major economic collapse that crushed McDonald's hopes in this island country. Although, unlike Zimbabwe, Iceland used to have McDonald's before the 2009 collapse, in its capital city, Reykjavik. Since Iceland is an incredibly health-conscious nation, Rumor has it, that the government of Iceland wasn't tha</t happy to have Happy Meals there in the first place. In spite of all that, though, there is a chance that Iceland could leave this list in the near future. Next, learn: Ten Uses of Lemons You’d Wish You Knew Before

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