Eid-ul-Adha is also known as Bakra Eid in Urdu language and is a time of great bliss for meat lovers, protein enthusiasts, and bbq lovers. While most of the folks love this occasion which is full of feasts and celebrations that include a lot of meat consumption, some people might not feel the same. For those folks who are not that much into meat, this article is for you. We have listed the top five light and friable Bakra Eid recipes that you can try on this Eid-ul-Adha 2017.

1 - Russian Salad
Russian salad recipe
From the snowy peaks of Russia, comes a delightful salad recipe for people who are looking to have something light and easy on the stomach, say hello to the Russian salad. This delectable salad is also known as Olivier salad and contains a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables like diced carrots, grapes, boiled potatoes, and you can add more items on it like boiled eggs, tuna, and chicken chunks for added pleasure. One of the things that make this salad so loveable is that it is topped with a rich dose of cream.

2 - Cheese Nuggets
cheese nuggets recipe
For all the cheese loving foodies out there, this cheesy snack is something that will help you feel satisfied with a light and easy feeling. The Cheese nuggets recipe is a deep fried nugget that is filled with creamy cheese. This is also very suitable for people who follow vegetarian diet and lifestyle.

Chicken Manchurian
chicken manchurian recipe
This Indo-Chinese delicacy, known as the chicken Manchurian is one of the recipes that have taken over Pakistan by storm. Every eatery in Pakistan that serves Chinese food has chicken Manchurian on its menu. This tangy and tarty recipe is usually served with chicken fried rice or egg fried rice. You can find the complete recipe here.

Crispy fried Onion Rings
crisipy fried onion rings recipeIf you are a fan of deep fried snacks and goodies then you must try the crispy fried onion rings recipe. This appetizing snack recipe is served all over the world and eaten by foodies of all ages with great delight. You can prepare them easily at home and they can be a great addition to those grill burgers and steaks as well.

Malai boti
This might be the creamiest entrée on our list; the chicken malai boti recipe's name is an indicator of the healthy dose of cream or "malai" that is used during the course of its marinating. This recipe is creamy yet it does not make you feel heavy on the stomach or chest at all. You can find the complete recipe for malai boti here.

Bbq Nachos
chicken nachos recipe
When everyone is having a time of their lives at a bbq party, you wouldn't want to be the one who's left out. Bbq nachos are a snack recipe that will help you get rid of your cravings without giving you the heavy feeling that follows post-meat consumption. This snack recipe can be easily prepared at home using only some nachos, cheese and bbq meat.

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