Pakistan’s romance with the beautiful winter season is no secret. After a long scorching summer, winters are no less than a blessing of the denizens of Pakistan. The country offers some of the most stunning landscapes in all of Asia that urge travelers not only from within the country but also from all parts of the world. As the winter holidays are to be here soon, sooperchef has decided to show you some of the most breathtaking tourist spots in the country that promise an exciting and pleasant experience. However, it should be kept in mind that unlike summers, accessibility to these tourist spots is an important factor. Listed below are some of the most highly vacationed and admired tourist spots in Pakistan during the winter season.


Also known as ‘Malka e Kohsar’ – Murree is one of Pakistan’s most well-admired tourist destinations and it is packed with tourists in winters. Being easily accessible and economical, it receives a good amount of snowfall which makes it one of the favorite tourist spots of the country. Dunga Gali, Changla Gali, Pindi Point, Bara Gali, Patriata and the well-known Mall Road are the most popular areas of Murree Hills that are covered white under the blanket of snow in winters.

Nathia Gali

One of the most picturesque hill stations of Pakistan is known as Nathiagali. It is fully clad with lush green pine, walnut, oak, and maple trees. Adventurous souls with the love of trekking and snow must visit Nathiagali as it provides an awe-inspiring experience of mountaineering the Mukshpuri top. During snowfall, Nathigali offers some really breathtaking sights to the visitors and denizens.

Swat Valley-Malam Jabba

There is not a doubt that the aptly named ‘Mini-Switzerland of Pakistan’, Swat Valley is an astonishingly gorgeous tourist spot, perfect for a winter getaway. The serene valley offers some really peaceful locations with a wide variety of destinations promising an epic and memorable experience winter holiday. Malam Jabba is the sole skiing resort of Pakistan which is a heaven for ski-loving tourists from all over the world. Some time ago, Malam Jabba was also referred to as a “Posh Resort” by the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

Neelam Valley, Leepa Valley (Azad Kashmir)

Often referred to as ‘God’s Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir is sanctified with some really awe-inspiring exquisiteness. The Neelam Valley sees some heavy snowfall during the course of its winter season and offers various locations for sightseeing and adventure loving souls, like Sharda, Kutton and Keran. The dazzling locations of Leepa Valley will also enthrall you with their beauty of nature and during winters, it is covered under a white blanket of snow which is simply breathtaking.


Ziarat is an extraordinarily attractive holiday resort in Baluchistan and its picturesque beauty casts a special charm on its visitors, especially during the winter season. Almost every visitor from Karachi to Quetta takes a break at Ziarat as it offers some heartwarming scenes which keep them hooked on with its beauty. With a finely fabricated wooden residency, it is enclosed by hills and receives some of the best snowfalls in the country.

Pir Sohawa (Islamabad)

Situated on at the top of Margalla Hills, this exquisite place offers a beautiful panoramic view of Islamabad and is home to the original site of the famous Monal restaurant. It is the go-to-resort with an astounding view of the immaculate capital city of Pakistan. Winters are especially fun here since it provides you options for fine dining and camping there with the best view possible.

Gorakh Hill (Dadu)

If you thought that Sindh doesn’t have its own hill station, you were wrong. If you wish to see it, all you need to do is to travel to Dadu where it is also known as ‘Murree of Sindh’. The Gorakh Hill station resides on the border of Sindh and Baluchistan and while there is minimal snowfall, the temperature in winter goes well below zero and you’d find yourself in an icy, cold night!

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