Winters in Pakistan have their pleasures – particularly foodie pleasures. No matter if it’s a creamy cup of Kashmiri Chai on an icy night or fat juicy orange, Pakistan boasts some of the marvelous winter treats. Every community and location has its own winter treats – such as the delicious makkay ki roti in the Punjab province and Hara Lassan kay ladoo, a traditional Gujarati winter breakfast. Here at sooperchef, we have listed some of the tastiest winters treats you can get your hands on this winter.

Kashmiri Chai

Many know it by the name of ‘Gulabi’ Chai, because of its pink color. This fuzzy warm drink is the classic Pakistani winter beverage. This customary tea from Kashmir can be seen being served on auspicious occasions such as weddings, formal dinners or it can even be bought off a local street stall. Kashmiri chai is conventionally prepared with a unique type of tea leaves, cream and salt with a touch of baking soda giving it its distinguishing pink color and then garnished with dried fruits and nuts.


These drool-worthy sea-dwellers (crustaceans), are known as prawns all over Britain and referred to as shrimps in America. They are packed with omega 3 fatty acids which have tons of health benefits. Consumption of prawns helps maintain low cholesterol and they are composed of lesser calories as compared to any other kind of meat. Moreover, they provide heat to the body and make you feel warm.


Soups have been part of our diets for about 4000 years and they have become an integral part of some of the most sophisticated cuisines on the globe like Asian and French. There are different kinds of soup which vary from hot sweet and meaty and vegan ones to cold and spicy, or you can always create an amalgamation of your own. Sipping on a hot steamy bowl of soup will help you stay warm and will help you clear a sore throat. Plus it is a tasty and delicious way to get some good amounts of nutrients in your system, so let’s all grab a bowl and get sipping!


Who doesn’t like the smell of some tasty fresh eggs in breakfast? They can be prepared in so many tasty forms like poached, scotched and boiled etc. Eggs are popular for maintaining body temperature and their high protein content as well as for containing a wide variety of vitamins.

Roasted Meat

Roasted meat and other foods taste best at the coldest time of the year. With almost as many as 10 different ways to roast, this technique of cooking has been around since medieval times. From healthy vegetables to flavorsome meat, there is nothing that can’t be skewered on and not get roasted. This technique has the remarkable influence to augment the taste and flavor of the food and also that this roasted food has a lesser calorie count so it’s great for fat-free diets.

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