The auspicious month of Ramadan is here for the Muslims across the globe and that surely helps us to revive our souls and connect to Allah in a blessed way. As our heart and souls are mostly excited about the holy month and its countless blessings, seeking forgiveness and mercy from Allah, but it’s our own body that gets penalized the most.Pakistanis have to maintain 15.5 hours of a proper fasting day throughout Ramadan 2016 in scorching heat that is ranging from 40 t0 50 Degree Celsius on a daily basis. SooperChef guides you to maintain your health during Suhoor & Iftar and has created a list of NOT-TO-DO things for this month to achieve calamity and peace.These quickie advices are usually adopted throughout the year but easily forgotten when Iftar dinner is served with variety of delicacies.

Hosts at Iftar when You Are Served as a Guest

 optimized iftar tableUnluckily when you are invited at Iftar dinner, the hosts seem to get easily offended if you are not trying to fill your plate with almost every dish served at the longest dinner table you will ever encounter in your life. Aunties try to attend every guest personally and expects you to eat more and more of their specialty dishes made by pure love.

How to Tackle This Worst Situation Ever:

  • Find the smallest spoon available at the dinner table and try every dish served on the dinner table with that one small spoon. There you go! The goal of trying every delicious dish is achieved.
  • Once you are done eating with that tiny spoon, start applauding and bragging the hosts about how delicious and mouthwatering food items have been prepared by them, served right at the dining table. “Every dish was so rich in taste that you can’t just name the most favorite dish prepared at the Iftaar”. That must be your gesture and statement. Yes! You have tried everything there!

Don’t Just Pounce on Food at Once

 pounce on food at onceBe moderate. Don’t start to eat as it is the last meal of your life. Patience! It’s been more than 15 hours you didn’t ate anything, but that doesn’t justify the fact to eat almost everything served within ten minutes. The food is not on the wheels. Trust me! It’s not going anywhere. Keep your appetite proper and chew the food properly for at least ten seconds. It will provide you energy and you will easily know when your tummy is full and don’t have any space to stuff more food.

Sleeping All Day Long After Roza and Staying Sleepless at Night

 Sleeping All DayIt will ruin your health if you sleep all day long after Suhoor and staying all night like an owl. That’s pure cheating and we don’t fulfill the true aspect of Roza with this act. Sleeping all day and waking up all night is more injurious for health rather than not having a proper sleep for 6-8 hours. Your genetic health while structuring your body gets confused. After the month of Ramadan, you will notice excessive fats getting over your body, making you one fat human. Yes! Permanently.

Avoid Greasy & Deep-Fried Foods

 Chicken Cheese Samosa Don’t eat samosas and Cheese Rolls. Sorry! Don’t get offended. You can have one or two of them but then there must be a stop to it. It’s really hard to resist these crispy snacks as they are too delicious to eat. But you don’t even remember snagging third, fourth or even fifth samosas on your plate at the time of Iftaar. Fried food fills up your tummy with calories that your body really doesn’t need but after couple of hours, hunger cravings burst again that pushes you to eat more for the dinner. Eventually, ending up to eat more and gaining more weight.

Don’t Skip Sehri. Repeat DONOT Skip Suhoor

 donot skip sehriWe are bound to pray for FajarNamaz, so why not set an alarm and wake up thirty minutes earlier for Sehri. Sehri food is considered the healthiest meal of the day, rich in proteins and dairy products that keep your body activated all day long. If Suhoor is skipped, remember that you have wasted your daily work routine as you will be starving, dizzy, lazy, and dehydrated for the whole day. Don’t turn your productive days into complete waste. As a matter of fact, one must perform his/her work activities regularly during Roza.

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