One thing that most people are ignorant about is the different cuts of goat meat. They don't know which cut is used to make what. If you're one of those people, then this article is a must for you. Here, we will go over different parts of your goat in detail and guide you on how to use them to make the perfect dish.

Stripes (پردا )

This is the boneless, fleshy part of the goat. It's found throughout and is known as stripes. The only thing you can make out of this is mincemeat, also known as, Qeema.

Head (سری)

The goat's head, also known as Siri, contains all the brain matter, the tongue, and the jaw. All of these parts are cooked and included in cuisine. The brain matter (مغز) is made in dishes like brain masala.

Neck ( گردن کی بوٹی)

The neck part mostly consists of bone. It is considered very healthy and nutritious and people make it into bone broth and soup. It's especially beneficial in case of sickness.

Shoulder (دستی )

The shoulder part is called Dasti. It consists of upper shoulder and lower shoulder parts. From the lower shoulder, you get Machli ki boti (مچھلی کی بوٹی). This is best used to make dishes like Nihari and Karahi Gosht. From the upper shoulder, you get Gol Boti (گول بوٹی). This is used in various salans like Aloo Gosht, Karele Gosht and so on.

Rack (سینے کی بوٹی)

The rack consists of the chest and the rib part. From this, you get the lamp chops (چانپ). These chops can be barbequed, fried or used in pulao. From ribs, you can make rib roasts and steaks.

Loin (پٹھ)

The loin is known as Puth in Urdu. For most chefs, this is the prime part of the goat. It consists of both bone and flesh. It's juicy and succulent. It's especially used in dishes with shorba in it. This cut is perfect for recipes like Namkeen gosht and Mutton Qorma.

THIGH (ران)

The thigh of the goat is called the Raan. It's a thick but tender meat cut that is perfect for braising or stewing. It can also be roasted and grilled.

Goat Trotters (پایے)

The legs and hoofs of the goat are called the Payas. It's also bone broth and it's slow-cooked. It can also be made to reach a thick consistency. It's very nutritious and has a lot of healthy properties as it contains a lot of minerals. Its soup is prepared by sautéed onions, garlic, and other ingredients. The bones melt in your hands and its sticky goodness make it all the more fun to eatThat's it, people! We hope by now you have the basic knowledge of different parts of your goat and the know-how to properly select the meat and use it in the dish it's best suited for. 
If you learned something new, let us know in the comments!


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