Eid is a joyous time and one of the most celebrated Muslim holidays around the globe. Eid-ul-Adha also known as "Bakra Eid" is celebrated after 29 or 30 fasts in the month of Zhul-Hijja and this feisty celebration marks the end of Zhul-Q'ada . Eid is also a time when the air of the Muslim houses is filled with the aroma of delicious Special Eid ul Adha recipes which are particularly prepared for the auspicious occasion. In this article, Sooperchef have compiled a list of Special Bakra Eid recipes that are relished by Muslims of Pakistan on the occasion of Eid ul Adha 2019.1 - Lebanese Kabab kabab biryani recipeEasiest Lebanese Kabab Recipe have perfect aroma and amazing taste. Give try to this finger licking recipe and share your thoughts with us.

Top five Mutton Recipes You Need to Try This Eid ul Adha

2 - Achar GoshtMehran Achar GoshtAchar Gosht is a tangy, spicy Pakistani dish which is loved by all. Its name literally translates to "Meat and Pickle". This Eid recipe is prepared by cooking lamb/mutton in special achar (pickle) masala which gives it a strong aroma and a tangy pickle like taste.  3 - Mutton Karahi Namak Mandi Recipe
fried chicken legsNamak Mandi: Mutton Karahi Namak Mandi, a unique Pakistani Recipe. Try our this Namak Mandi Recipe this Eid and share your experience with us.4 - Beef Behari Kabab Recipe
halwa puri channyBeef Behari Kabab Recipe, one of the all time renowned and refined recipe that should must have a try this Bakra Eid. Try out this Special Beef Kabab Recipe and share your thoughts with us.5 -  Hyderabadi Mutton Biryanisooji ka halwaSpice up your Eid with Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. Packed with spices and full of flavors, this Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani is treat for Biryani Lovers. Try out and share your experience with us.

Top 5 Karahi Gosht Recipe Variants to prepare at Home for your Loved Ones

 6 - Beef Karahi Recipekabuli pulao recipeBest Beef Karahi Recipe. Enjoy making this perfect Beef Karahi Recipe this Eid with appetizing aroma and lip smacking taste. Do let us know how do you like this recipe.7 - Khoya Seekh Kabab Recipe
shahi kheerPerfect Khoya Kabab Recipe for this Bakra Eid. Add this Seekh Kabab Recipe to your menu and have a best meal with your Family.8 - White Mutton Karahi Recipe
sheer khurma recipeMutton Karahi: White Mutton Karahi Recipe yummy Mutton Recipe with a creamy flavor. Try out this Bakra Eid Special Recipe and tell us how do you like this.9 - BBQ Keema Recipe
BBQ Keema Recipe with prefect aroma and awesome in taste. A must try Dhaba Style Recipe. Give try to this Bakra Eid Special Recipe and share your thoughts with us.

Top Ten Recipes for Eid-ul-Adha 2019

 10 - Beef Pasanday Recipe
chapli-kababTry something delicious with Tawa Zaiqa. This Tawa Beef Pasanday Recipe is easy to make and best to serve. Make it and Enjoy it but don't forget to give us your feedback.


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