The month of Ramadan is the holiest time of the year for Muslims all around the globe and is an interlude of fasting, sacrifice, piousness, giving, and self-training with the optimism that these traits will broaden beyond the limits of this month and reside with us all through the year. Certainly, the spirit of fasting in the month of Ramazan is devout and saintly, yet, this holy month also has to offer a number of advantages for both the body and mind. In a recitation of Abu Nuaim, the Holy Prophet and the last messenger of Allah, Mohammad stated, “soomo wa tsahhoo”, which translates to “Fast and be healthy” ,and now centuries later, science backs this theory as it is proven that Ramadan is a month full of blessings, not just spiritually but also physically. read on to learn about some of the incredible health benefits of Ramadan on our overall well-being listed by Sooperchef which is Pakistan’s largest and number one digital food network.

Improves Heart Health

Improves Heart HealthA research conducted by the Annals of Nutrition Metabolism suggested that fasting helps reduce bad “LDL” cholesterol levels by 8 percent, triglyceride by 30 percent, and perks up good “HDL” levels by 14.3 percent. By doing so, it protects your heart from cardiovascular diseases and ailments. This theory can be explained by our eating and exercise habits, as during the month of Ramadan, people are more prone to healthier and lighter food options such as dates, nuts, fruits, salads and home cooked meals. Studies show that generally saturated fat consumption, usually found in foods like butter, fatty meats, and fast food, is reduced in Ramadan as these foods are taken in a much lesser quantity than the rest of the year. In addition to this, the late night prayers of “taraweeh” provide an ample level of physical movements comparable to moderate physical exercise which, for most of the general populace, is way more than they usually exercise.Read More: Fasting During Ramadan is Healthy for Heart Patients

Provides Tranquility of the Heart and Mind

Provides Tranquility of the Heart and MindThere is a passionate divine sense to Ramadan for those who observe fasting and pray regularly. Muslims all around the globe, practice openhandedness by being generous, family-bonding by meeting around the iftar food table, holiness by praying, and self-control by practicing good manners and patience. All of these habits put together a sentiment of tranquility, calm and complacency.

Helps You Overcome Addictions

save from adictionIt is an undeniable fact that Addictions can come in all shapes and sizes and recent studies have shown that Ramadan has proven to be an exceptional opportunity to ditch them. Since Ramadan teaches us self-restraint for most of the day, we come to understand the fact that giving up our addiction altogether may not be as hard as we think! For instance, choose one addiction to drop this Ramadan. It could be any kind of addiction from smoking, to lying, or even chocolate or gossiping and backbiting. The feeling of you breaking the fast because of indulgence in any of these would keep you away from it and after the month it would be very easy for you to give it up for good.

Promotes Fat Reduction and Weight Loss

Health Benifits of RamadanThere is a general conception that calorie consumption is overall decreased in Ramzan, but, of course, it is only possible if you are no binge-eating on sweets or fried foods like samosas and pakoras at the iftar table. Nevertheless, if you are able to sustain your usual eating habits, you are very probable to eat a smaller amount of food and lose some unwanted weight. This is especially true in Ramadan when the sole source of Energy for the body during your fast is nothing but body fat. Staying lightly active during the day can endorse even more fat decomposition and by Eid, you would’ve lost some pounds for sure. Ramadan is one of the perfect opportunities to re-train ourselves and get back on track of eating healthy, even when you are overindulged in fast food for the rest of the year. When we observe fasting, we learn to control our cravings and consequently, by the end of Ramadan one can notice improved will-power and a developed strength to say no to tempting food.Read more: When Is Ramadan 2018 and Everything You Need To Know About It


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