Sweets & Dessert recipes are the best on its own, especially served after a heavy lunch or dinner or with an afternoon cup of tea, but sometimes you want a bit more of it during the celebrations and festive seasons. I mean a lot more.If you are still not excited as we are, imagine a melted chocolate swirled around the ice cream, or a desi Gulab jamun melting in your mouth, rich chocolate cake. Okay, we must give a stop here.Let us have a look at Top five sweet recipes that are going to please your taste buds, presented by SooperChef.

Naan Khatai Recipe

Nan Khatai biscuit recipe is one of the most beloved baked confectionaries that is easily available across the country. The main ingredients used for this recipe is honey, flour, butter, sugar and baking powder, all combined to form such a tasty sweet delight. Follow the SooperChef 1-minute instant cooking video and learn to make this delectable biscuit in your very own kitchen. Get the complete recipe here.

Black Forest Cake Recipe

The black forest cake recipe is a unique one of its kind and is prepared with several layers of sponge cake, packed with the whipped cream, chocolate, and maraschino cherries. This cake is special and mouthwatering in taste as it is a full dose of smooth and appetizing flavor that you really want to try making within the comfort of your home. Get the complete recipe here.


This sweet and colorful tasty recipe made out of rice is the ultimate joy for foodies as it is prepared and served in almost every home on the occasion of Eid, weddings and guest gatherings. The peculiar and unique taste of Zarda is made with the help of orange or bright yellow food color. Zarda is a complete desi sweet package and served as a main course dessert. You can also name this dish as a national sweet of Pakistan as it is loved by the country. Get the complete recipe by SooperChef here.

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Bread Gulab Jamun recipe is completely different dessert of its own kind. You can easily make this recipe by watching the 1-minute instant video by SooperChef at home. This type of Gulab Jamun has got such a pleasing and scrumptious taste that you are surely going to fall in love with this recipe. Get the complete recipe here.

Doughnuts recipe

Doughnuts also known as donuts are available and easily found in any nearby bakery shop and this recipe is a complete treat to fill the appetite of kids. It is a kind of fried dough confectionary that is basically served as dessert food item. People across the globe are in love with this round looking dough cookie recipe and it is eaten almost in every country. The common way to prepare this delightful recipe is by deep frying flour dough with a hole in it. Get the complete recipe here.

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