Every city of Pakistan has it s very own definition in the form of food recipes. Nobody can think of New York without cheese pizza like Philadelphia can’t be called Philadelphia without a Philly cheese steak.Just like that, Pakistan's city of Lahore is famous for its spicy fried, Multan is famous for its Multani Sohan Halwa, Peshawar is known for its Karahi and Quetta is known for its sajji. Unlike all these, the metropolitan city of Karachi is not famous for any one particular dish but is a melting point of flavors and cultures from all over Pakistan. This list is about the top ten food items you need to try in Karachi and the places to get your hands on them.

Top Ten Recipes for Eid-ul-Adha 2017

  1. Chicken Chutney Roll

chicken chuttney rollThis is the perfect food item for the city that is always on the move. In the hustle of the city, you can just grab this delectable crumbly tikka, wrapped in a crispy paratha on the go and fall in love with the explosive taste of it. The best chicken chutney rolls can be found at Silver Spoon, Eaton, and Red Apple.

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  1. Chicken Bihari Tikka

bihari tikkaBefore the advent of the chutney roll, the classic tikka paratha combination used to be the favorite cuisine of the hustling metropolis known as Karachi. The best advice to get your hands on this delicacy is a drive to Gurumander, straight to Meerath Kabab House. The original eatery now has several off shoots all over the conurbation but the chicken Behari Tikka at Meerath Kabab House is still rocking it big time.

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  1. Pizza

PizzaPizza is arguably the favorite food of Karachiites and there are countless pizza joints throughout the city, but one eatery has been making news for all the right reasons, say hello to Xanders’ brick oven. The gourmand pizza is fairly new to the city with competing restaurants like Red Riding Hood, Del Frio and BellaVita presenting their very own varieties of the original California style oven baked pizza to the thin crust coal fired pizza but no one of them matches up to the offering by Xander's. Xander's has the one of the very best chicken caesar salad in town but the true victory that makes the list is the Xander's pepperoni pizza.
  1. Quarter Broast

chicken broast quaterOne of the common mistakes people do nowadays is that they know fried chicken by another word, called broast. There are thousands of chicken broast joints all over Karachi but one makes it to the list for it has the best crispy chicken of them all. This little known fried chicken joint is known as Kundun Broast and is located on main Karsaz. They serve their chicken with tasty golden fries along with two types of dips.

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  1. Burger

egg shami burgerBurgers are not as famous in the city of Karachi as much as the bun kabab is but recently, the beef burger has taken over the city by storm. There seems to a burger point in every locality now and some of them serve really great burgers but none can compete to taste of classic Mr. Burger. It’s the juiciness of their burgers that will keep you coming back for more.
  1. Katakat

TakatakFor all the adventurous food lovers out there, this is the thing for you. This exhilarating dish which can be heard being prepared from a distance is nothing less than theater, say hello to the Katakat. In Lahore and other areas of Punjab, it is referred to as takatak. The musical sound of sharp knives coming down on the Tawa to slice all kinds of organs including kidneys, brains, and kapooras (goat testicles) into a funny yet tasty looking goo makes waiting for food even more interesting. The best katakat of Karachi can be found at the Noorani Kabab House which is located at the end of Shah-rah-e Quaideen.

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  1. Karahi

balochi mutton karahiThe restaurant kolachi is very aptly named as it embodies the true spirit of Karachi. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and for good reason; it serves the best karahi in town. The Peshawari Karahi is the reason that this restaurant has overwhelmed its competitors like BBQ Tonight.

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  1. Chicken Malai Boti

Chicken Malai BotiThe tiny street off Shaheed-e-Millat road often gets jam packed because of the customers attracted to the cuisine that is served at Ghaffar Kabab house. The main reason for their popularity is actually the great tasting sauce they use in the tikka and kabab recipes that really takes them to a whole new level.
  1. Fry Kabab

Fry KababThe pilgrimage to Karachi is incomplete without an excursion to Burns Road eateries. Although the biryani and haleem joints are great there, it would be profane to not mention Waheed Kabab house in the list. The fried kabab there is a plate of minced meat fried in oil that doesn’t look too tempting, but only one bite with a fresh tandoori naan will make you forget everything else.

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  1. Afghani Boti

Afghani BotiIf you are the type of person who would eat bbq in a seekh after seekh style, then this is the place for you. Al Asif Afghani Boti is located in Sohrab Goth, which is the hub of activity and food for trucks, entering and leaving the city. The Afghani boti recipe that they serve is not like a typical tikka as it has a little piece of fat in the middle of every seekh, but sitting there on a takht and having bbq straight off the hot iron skewing rod is an experience that should not be missed.


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