Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Hijri calendar and is a time of great blessing for Muslims all over the world. During the whole month, Muslims observe fasting. During this period no food or beverage is consumed and thoughts are kept pure, this helps develop a better state of Iman for the follower and learn Spirituality, Modesty and Patience. But Ramadan is also a great time of festivity as it is a paradise for food lovers at the time of Iftar. Tasty Iftar recipes are available ranging from spicy street food recipes to three course meals. Below are top ten iftar cuisines that you need to try this Ramadan that are guaranteed to make your taste buds dance with joy! 

List of Top 10 Recipes for Iftar


Chicken Cheese Samosa

 Chicken Cheese Samosa Samosas, just like pakoras are a major component of Pakistani deep fried snacks. Without either of them, iftar is far from being complete. Samosas have many non-veg and vegetarian variants. Their filling can range from pulses or vegetables to minced beef or chicken. But this version (the chicken cheese samosa) has taken two of the very best of components and mixed them together. This new combination brings out the chicken’s crispiness and jumbles it up with the tender and creamy flavor of cheese into an almost hypnotizing combo that cannot be missed at any cost! You can find the complete recipe of chicken cheese samosa in Urdu and English at sooperchef.pk.

Chicken Pakora

 Chicken PakoraThe first word that comes into your mind when you think about an iftari is? Yes its pakora! Truly, a Pakistani iftari is incomplete without the presence of a mighty pakora.the word pakora is derived from a Sanskrit word “pakvavata” which means small food lump (pakva means cooked and vata means small lump). Pakoras can be made out of anything, from a simple potato, daal mung, spinach or even cheese. This Ramadan treat your tongue with this new and innovative chicken pakora recipe which is easy to prepare as well as it is healthy and tasty. You can download the full recipe in Urdu and English at sooperchef.pk. 
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Russian salad

 Russian saladMost of the food items that are served on an iftar table are deep fried in oil and give off a very heavy vibe after consumption but this light, fruity, creamy delight is nothing like that. Russian salad is one of the most popularly eaten salad all over Pakistan because it’s fairly economic, easy to prepare and its creamy fruity flavor is not only tasty but also easy on the stomach. Health and fitness enthusiasts recommend this salad for it would not only keep you fit and active but will also save you from the drowsiness that follows the iftar meal. Check out List of Ramadan Recipes available at Sooperchef Menu  

Spicy Vegetable Kebab

 Spicy Vegetable KebabWhy should meat lovers have all the fun? Yes, a new, spicy, pure vegetarian kebab is in town and it is rocking it big time. So if you are craving something deep fried and spicy but not willing to go for anything meaty, then this is definitely the thing for you. This vegan kebab has a Pakistani origin and is a really healthy dose of veggies like peas, green chilies and carrots. Mixed with herbs and spices like cumin, coriander and pepper, this kebab will make you feel like little party in your mouth, bursting out with flavor. You can download the complete recipe in Urdu at sooperchef.pk.

Chicken Malai Boti

 Chicken Malai BotiChicken malai boti is a highly admired Pakistani dish with luscious chicken chunks doused in rich cream (malai).  The dish is especially popular among meat-loving foodies who prefer rich, creamy and delectable tastes. Malai Boti is mostly served, sizzling hot at gatherings and events where it is often served as a side dish and is relished with great delight. The second you pop a piece of malai boti, you realize that it starts to crumble and melt in your mouth and gives you a unique, out of this world flavor and experience. The amazing thing about the malai boti is that it can be prepared using simple ingredients which are normally available in Pakistani kitchens.  Discover the art of preparing this creamy, toothsome recipe in Urdu and English at sooperchef.pk.
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Chicken Manchurian

 manchurianChicken Manchurian is a Chinese dish that has not only made its home in Pakistani kitchens but also in the hearts of Pakistani people. Yes, chicken Manchurian is a dish that needs no introduction as it is widely popular all over the country and is eaten with great enjoyment by old and young alike. This lovely cuisine is commonly served at parties and gatherings and mostly eaten as a side dish along with vegetable fried rice. The tangy, saucy flavor along with the moist and mushy texture of chicken chunks really makes you coming back for more, plate after plate after plate!  Learn to cook Chicken Manchurian and download the complete recipe in Urdu at sooperchef.pk.

Chicken Roast

 Chicken RoastIf you are expecting some guests over for Iftar party or simply for something fabulously delicious and juicy then look no further, the mighty Chicken Roast is here. Chicken roast is one of the most widely spread and admired chicken dishes around the globe. It is equally loved by children and adults and can be found on almost every menu card of restaurants around the planet. Chicken used to be roasted over a fire by the means of a rotator spit but nowadays it is also being prepared in steamers. Usually the chicken is roasted in its own fatty juices with its skin intact by circulating the whole chicken on fire with the help of a rotator spit so the meat is equally cooked on all sides. A perfect meal for a weekend dinner and totally worth a shot for a formal iftar item. You can download the whole recipe and preparation method of chicken roast in Urdu at sooperchef.pk.
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Vegetable Nuggets

 Vegetable NuggetsFrom school going children to teenagers and adults, everyone just loves the taste of some good ol’ nuggets. Nuggets have many variants like chicken nuggets, cheese nuggets but we’ve thought of giving it a vegetarian spin and move in some fancy new vegetable nuggets. Definitely a green light for vegetable lovers and people who want to have something healthy at iftar. These nuggets are crispy, crunchy mixtures of mashed potatoes, grilled capsicums, grated carrots and peas. Easy to prepare and tasty to eat, there’s nothing more you can ask from a nugget! You can learn the complete method of preparation and download the recipe in Urdu at sooperchef.pk.

 Special Chicken Biryani

 Special Chicken BiryaniAsk Pakistanis about their favorite food and half the population will gleefully say “biryani’’! There is absolutely no doubt that biryani is one of the top rated dishes of our culture and no dinner is complete without it. It is served on numerous occasions ranging from festivals like Eid, great family gatherings or even a marriage ceremony, without biryani, they all seem to be incomplete. Biryani has many variants like Sindhi biryani, alu biryani, Bombay biryani etc but the most widely admired version is the Special Chicken Bombay Biryani. This biryani contains the usual ingredients like garlic paste, cumin and green chillies etc which are easily available and give it its beautiful aroma and indulging flavor. If you are willing to impress some guests or just preparing for a formal iftari, then this is definitely a go for you. Learn the whole recipe and preparation method in urdu of this scrumptious  Bombay biryani at sooperchef.pk.

Chicken karahi

 Chicken karahiAnd last but not the least, chicken karahi, a scrumptious Pakistani dish that needs no introduction. Just like biryani, karahi is a widely popular dish that has a made its mark all over the country. No restaurant is complete without having karahi on top of the menu list. It is a traditional dish that is served, sizzling hot at family gatherings and parties and is eaten straight out of the karahi (cooking pot) that it’s cooked in. Karahi has many variations, depending on the locality for example, shinwari karahi is popular in KPK while spicy beef karahi is admired in Punjab, but the most widely accepted version is the chicken karahi. For preparation, chopped chicken is tossed in a cooking pot with spices like green chilies and coriander and cooked for three to four minutes, then black pepper and tomatoes are added and its left covered for dum for about five to seven minutes and your tasty chicken karahi is ready to eat. Learn the complete method of preparation and download the recipe of chicken karahi in Urdu at sooperchef.pk.


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