Situated on the banks of the River Chenab, Multan is the premier cultural and economic center of Southern Punjab. It is also the fifth most populous city in Pakistan. the city's history stretches deep into the olden times and it was one of the most important trading centers of medieval Islamic India and attracted thousands of Sufis in the 11th and 12th century. Many saints and Sufis like Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya, Shah Gardez, Shah Shamas Tabreez and Shah Ali Akbar rest in the sands of the city, earning it the name of the city of saints or "Medina-tul-Aulia". Famous for its blue pottery and mangoes, Multan also boasts one of the best foods the country can offer. Here is a list of top ten Multani desi foods you can find in Multan and also the best places to get your hands on them.

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1- Sohan Halwa from Rewari Sweets

Along with mangoes, blue pottery and saints, the city of Multan is known for its Sohan halwa. This sweet confection is made out of desi ghee, water, sugar, milk, and corn flour, the mix is boiled until it's solid. There are hundreds of shops selling Sohan halwa in Multan but one of the oldest producers of Sohan halwa in the city are Rewari Sweets. Located at Hussain Agahi market, Rewari sweets are known as the pioneers of Multani Sohan halwa.

2 - Ahmad Food's Rabri Falooda
ahmad falooda multan

Falooda is one of the most loved cold desserts of the country and Multan arguably has the best rabri falooda you can get your hands on. Located near Chowk Fuwara, Ahmad Milk and Foods is one of the oldest dairy merchants in the city. They started off as milk and yogurt sellers but now they serve fresh barfi, yogurt, milk and rabri falooda.

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3- Al-Qamar Nihari
alqamar nihari multan

Nihari is the traditional breakfast for the desi food lovers of Pakistan for good reason. This tasty stew is made with meat and bone marrow and served with roti or naan. There are many Nihari eateries all over the city but Al-Qamar Nihari serves the best platefuls of steamy tasty Nihari. Located in the main bazaar, Multan Cantt, al-Qamar Nihari is the best spot to grab some desi foods like qorma, nalli Nihari, and haleem.

4 - Dilmeer Lassi and Pera House
dilmeer pera house

Speaking of main bazaar Multan cantonment, there's something there you cannot miss, and that is a cool and refreshing glass of lassi from Dilmeer Pera house. Basically a dairy shop, Dilmeer was said to be established before the partition of India and is serving great Barfi, gajrela, Pera, milk, and lassi ever since.

5 - Sheedan Mushtaq's Fried Fish
sheedan mushtaq Fish Multan

Travel to Multan's "Kotla Tolay Khan" area and you'll get a nostalgic feeling as if you were back in the 1980's. Much of the buildings there are the same as they were before the partition, traditionally built and beautifully decorated with ancient woodwork. Another thing Kotla tolay Khan is famous for its fish eatery, known as Sheedan Mushtaq. This place serves steaming hot fish all year long along with spicy tikkas, kababs, sijji and its famous chicken tawa piece.

6 - Darbari Kabab Paratha
darbari kabab paratha

Multan is a great place to find all sorts of bbq like tikkas and kababs. Like Karachi, kabab paratha roll has gained popularity in Multan but with a desi twist. If you are looking for some good bbq, sijji or kabab paratha roll then you've got to visit darbari kabab paratha on al-tamash road Multan. This place is known for its great taste and service that will give you the true taste of Multan.

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7 - Tasty Biryani
tasty biryani multan

Unlike Karachiite eateries that put potatoes in their biryani and literally destroy its taste, Multan offers some pretty decent biryani. situated on Dera Adda Chowk, Tasty Student Biryani is one of the best places to grab a steamy, colorful plate of biryani.

8 - Naveed Chicken Pulao
Naveed Pulao Multan

Speaking of rice, Pulao is another rice based delicacy that is enjoyed all over the country. This broth seasoned rice dish is made with either mutton or beef. On the left side of Ghanta Ghar Chowk of Multan, there is an eatery known as Naveed Chicken Pulao center. Here you can some of the very best chicken broast pieces, Shami kababs, and Yakhni Murgh pulao.

9 - Qureshi tikka House
qureshi tikka house multan

Like Lahoris, Multanis are lovers of hot and spicy bbq and one of the best places to grab some really great tikka and kebabs is Qureshi Tikka in Gulshan market. Known for its great creamy malai tikka, Qureshi also serves some really awesome Karahi too.

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10- Siddiqui's Desi Murgh Karahi
saddique dasi karahi multan

And the last but not the least on our list is the delectable chicken Karahi. To find the best Karahi of Multan, you have to travel to the interior Multan city, Daulat Gate Chowk to be precise. Siddiqui's Karahi is one of the oldest Karahi eateries in Multan and has a reputation for its desi Makhani Murgh Karahi. People from all over the city can be seen here just to enjoy the great taste of Karahi, especially in the evenings.


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