The Pakistani youth is often said to be divided into two categories: The Desis and The Burgers. They're often found engaging in hilarious back and forths trying to one-up each other. So today we are going to go over some of the food habits employed by both desi and burger. Which one are you?  

Burgers don't eat Paaye but a Desi will lick the plate clean!

Paaye ka juice is very sticky and it gives your fingers a slimy feeling. While desis claim that paaye aren't paaye unless they are all gooey and messy, Burgers find this disgusting! Just the fact that paaye are essentially made of goat's trotters makes them go EW. So do you eat Paaye or you run far away as soon as it's served to you?

Burgers drink Margarita But Desis drink THA

Burgers might go to a fancy restaurant and drink expensive margarita- basically, a glorified version of shikanjvi but Desi's will go to the street side in tapti garmi and drink THA/ Lemon Soda to make life better. What do you drink?

Burgers eat pancakes, Desis eat Halwa Puri

Desi Naashta.Right, so halwa puri is stapled as weekend breakfast for Pakistani desis. Give them karak chaye with it and you'll never find anyone happier. On the other hand, Burgers prefers pancakes with maple syrup or sausages because unnka pait kharab ho jata hai. What do you like?   

Burgers eat Sushi, Desis eat Machli Ka Shorba

Burgers usually go to top-notch restaurants to experience sushi eating. It's something on their to-do list. Whereas Desis have their fun by slurping machli ka shorba. Burgers will never try this because iss men kantain hotay hain.

Burgers drink Chocolate Shakes, Desis drink Lassi

That's right. Most desis will choose lassi over a chocolate milkshake cause chocolate overdose is just too much meetha. In contrast, to them Lassi is refreshing and you can always drink more than one glass! 

So are you a Pakistani Burger or A Desi? Let us know in the comments!

Disclaimer: We love both burgers and desis of our country. If you're one or a mix of both be proud of who you are. There is no discrimination whatsoever.


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