Simple Experiments that You Can Do to Assess Your Health at Home

Simple Experiments that You Can Do to Assess Your Health at Home

Simple Experiments that You Can Do to Assess Your Health at Home

Almost all of us feel reluctant while visiting to the nearby hospital and you still care about your health, then this post is especially for you to read and give it a try. SooperChef gives you a unique chance to take a few simple experiments to try at home that will be helpful to track the current state of your body.

Flexibility of Your Body

It is simple to carry out this test as it requires you to sit on the floor, stretch out your legs in front of your own self. Now, touch your feet with your fingertips. If you can do this flexibility test with comfort, then your body is in great shape. If it sounds difficult to you, then it would be a better idea to hit up the gym or take regular yoga classes. Swimming can also help you in the improvement of your flexible body. Moreover, it helps to prevent excessive weakening of your joints.

Your Heart

Grab a chair and sit in a calm posture for five minutes with complete silence, and then place four of your fingers towards the inner side of your wrist. Find your pulse. Measure your heartbeat for one-minute max and count the number of beats as well. For children and adults over ten years, 60-100 beats per minute are considered as normal. More or less can indicate problematic issues regarding blood pressure. If it is so, you must visit your doctor.


Pour some chilling water into a glass and now dip your fingers in it for thirty seconds. If the color of your fingertips turns blue or white, then you have a problematic issue regarding blood circulation. A notable drop in the temperature or stress can cause the contractions of blood vessels that supply the blood to your fingers, ears, nose, toes, etc. As a result, these specific body parts lack the appropriate amount of blood and it will significantly get numb. You must avoid sharp temperature changes.

The Respiratory System

For doing this experiment, light a matchstick. Now, stretch your hand while holding it out in front of you. Take a deep breath via your nose and then exhale it out through your mouth. You must try it out as you do so to blow out the flame. How much of the attempts do you make it out to blow out the flame? If it consists of many tries, then there is much possibility that your respiratory system is weak. It may be a cause of smoking, laziness, etc. Consult a doctor for that purpose.

Fluid Retention

Press down your body weight on either from the upper or underside while using your right or left foot with your thumb. If it still causes concavity on your foot for several seconds after you removed your thumb while taking this test, then there is a chance that your body lacks fluid retention. It is advised to use salt in your diet plans and avoid the consumption of junk and processed foods.

Eyes Test

Close one of your eye, and move away three to five steps back from your laptop screen. Take a deeper look at the circle above. Examine whether some of the lines tend to appear darker or brighter than the other ones. If the answer is yes, then there is a viable chance to visit an optician because unfortunately, you have developed astigmatism. And, if you don

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